Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Special Day

Today marks a special day in our family.

4 years ago today, Mat and I got the call that gave us a son.  June 1st, 2007, we found out that Cainan would be ours forever.
Many of you know his back story with our family.  That is was a long shot that the child we wanted to desparately would be ours.
But on June 1st, in the middle of the afternoon, the phone rang, and our agency said to me, "are you sitting down?  We have your son's file".
It was a great moment.  We found out that Cainan would be turning one the very next day.  And even though we couldn't be with him, we quietly celebrated our boy having his first birthday.

Here we are - 4 years later.  Woken this morning by a young boy - not a baby.  A little boy who said "tomorrow I will be 5!"  about 1 million times in a row to anyone who would listen.
Today he spent his last day as a 4 year old.  As a "baby" as he likes to tell me.  Tomorrow - he becomes old enough to go to Kindergarten on the school bus.

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Joanne said...

Happy Birthday! Cannot believe it's been 4 years!!!