Thursday, June 9, 2011

The new house

Since I posted pictures of our current house, I thought I would post pictures of our new house.  Remember - this is how the house looks now - with the other people's stuff.  But we love it, so I wanted to share.  Be warned - there are a lot of pictures.  This is at the request of my mother!

Here is the outside of the house:
 Front - the garage is open
 The side entrance door:
 Top of the garage.  Has a weather vane:
 Our 4th garage - which is completely finished so we are going to use it more as a rec room:
 Front of house from a different angle.  Yes - the front yard needs some help - they have too much going on:
 Side of house - this is where the screened in porch is.  Mat and I have a future plan to make this a four season room:
 3 car garage.  This is also finished - this guy didn't mess around!  And the ceilings are really high:
 Inside the garage:
 View of the back porch and back of house:
 Back of house:
 Back of house from further back in the yard.  Again - the yard needs some TLC.  I have many plans:
 Back of house:
 Back of house from further back in the yard:
 View of 4th garage from back yard:
Office:   I love the windows
 Another view of the office - it has a lot of windows:
 Our living room.  We are still thinking about what we will do with this room:  It has a beautiful fire place.
 Front door and hallway:
 view down the hall and of the stairs to the second floor:
 View down the hallway.  I love all the crown moldings:
 Family room.  This room also has a fire place and is off the kitchen.  It is a bit small, but it is cozy:
 Family room:  This fire place is so amazing:
 Dining room.  Again - I love the window and crown molding:
 view down to the basement.  The basement isn't finished, but huge.  I didn't take pictures:
 Screened in porch.  It runs the length of the side of the house.  It has two doors that exit the house onto the porch:
 Screened in porch:
 More screened in porch.  That is the back of the fireplace in the living room:
 Screened in porch:
 Mud room and entrance to the garage:
 Mud room and entrance to the playroom:
 Fireplace - the side that faces the kitchen.  I love that it is double sided:
 Kitchen (part of it).  Cherry cabinets are really pretty:
 Rest of kitchen.  I think I am going to change the wall color.  It is an eat in kitchen:
 Downstairs half bathroom.  You can't tell in this picture, but the wall color is a pretty slate color:
 Downstairs half bathroom:
Stairs that lead upstairs (duh).  I love the runner.  It is in really good shape:
 View of upstairs hallway.  The floors are all wood:
 Upstairs hallway:
 Upstairs hallway:
 Upstairs hallway:
 Upstairs hallway and stairs that lead up to the third floor:
Nook in the upstairs hallway:

Upstairs hallway:

Cainan's bedroom.  At least we won't have to change the color:
 Cainan's bedroom:
 Cainan's bedroom.  Okay - the curtains will have to go:
 Closet in Cainan's room.  It is really deep:
 Closet in Cainan's room:
 This is Finley's room.  She won't have two beds, but it is a nice big room:
 Finley would like her room to be pink, so we will have to change this one:
 This room has a ton of windows:
 Finley's room:
 Finley's room:
 closet in Finley's room.  It has clothes racks on both sides, and then a lot of storage in the back:
 Finley's closet:
 Finley's closet:
 Master bedroom.  We will be changing the color.  I love green, but this green is a bit bright for me:
 Master bedroom.  I love all the windows:
 Master bedroom:
 Master bedroom.  We have central air in this house, but there are fans as well.  And I love the lights:
 Master bedroom.  The curtains are not going to be staying:
 Master bedroom.  We have our own fireplace!:
 entrance into the sitting room and bathroom in the MAster bedroom:
 Sitting room in the master bedroom and the master closet:
 These are built ins in the sitting room:
 A nice window seat in the sitting room in the Master:
 Master closet:
 Book cases in the master sitting room:
 Stairs that lead up to the third floor, and Arlington's bedrrom:
 Arlington's bedroom.  It looks small in these pictures, but this is a big room.  The bed is huge:
 Arlington's room:
 Closets in Arlington's room.  Plus she has two sky lights:
 Nook in Arlington's room:
 Arlington's room:
 This is the door to Arlington's room - I love the window above the door:
Laundry room.  LOVE this room.  And it is on the same floor as the bedrooms:
 Laundry room:
 Kids bathroom.  It is very big and very bright:

 Kid's bathroom:
 Kid's bathroom:
 Kid's bathroom.  I love the mirrors:
 Look at the handles on the kid's bathroom drawers:
 Kid's bathroom:

Kid's bathroom:
 Kid's bathroom:
 Master bathroom.  The sky lights are operated by remote:
 Master bathroom:
 Master bathroom:
 Master bathroom:
 Master bathroom:
 Inside the "workshop/4th garage/rec room.  This is the garden area:
 Inside 4th garage:
 Inside 4th garage:
 Inside 4th garage:
 Wood stove in the 4th garage:
 4th garage:

stairs up to the playroom.  This is another section of the house - off the downstairs.  It was a nice surprise to find.  Since the basement isn't finished, we can use this room until it is:
 Stairs to playroom.  They use it as an office.
 Okay - so after seeing this completely immaculate house, you are going to laugh at this room!
 Apparently, he doesn't throw any papers away.  I will be anxious to show you this room again when we fix it up:
 the floors under the carpet are wood, so we will be taking the carpet up:
 So that is the tour of the house!  I hope you are still awake.  Once we move in and start to make changes, I will share that with you.  But that won't be for awhile.

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Jess said...

The house is beautiful Jen! I love all of the skylights!