Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Back!

 Did you miss me?  I am sure you did.  This post doesn't have any pictures, and it isn't my fault.  I will post every weekend picture tomorrow.  Blogger is doing maintenance and said I can't upload pictures.  Isn't that lovely.

This weekend was a complete blur.  Mat and I wrapped up a few more projects on the house so that it can be listed this week.  We are shooting for Wednesday to have the house officially placed on the market.  Hopefully everything will fall in place and that will happen.  We are anxious to get it on the market and hopefully find that special buyer that will love it as much as we do.

Saturday, after the kids activities, Mat and I went to see one final house in Massachusetts that we wanted to look at.  And low and behold, it was "the one".  We were really excited about it.  After seeing nearly 30 houses, we have found our house.  On Saturday night we placed a bid, and by Sunday night, the house was ours.  We are so excited and can't wait to move in.  We won't be closing until August 1st, but we will be going up for inspections shortly, so I will take some pictures to share.  It is a great house, in a great neighborhood, so we are excited to get in and make it our own.

Saturday evening was the annual ceremony for Kumon where Arlington and Cainan attend for enrichment classes.  This will be there last month in these classes with us moving.  It is amazing to see how far they have come.  Arlington is on a 4th grade level in reading and math and Cainan is right where he needs to be for Kindergarten.  We have loved the program, and hope to keep at least Cainan in it when we move.  It has really helped him most of all get past some of his learning stumbling blocks that he has.  After the ceremony, we went out to dinner to celebrate their accomplishments this year.

Sunday was my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  We went out to dinner and then a friend of mine - Heather Capo - made the most delicious cupcakes for us to have for dessert.  They were the BEST.  If you know Heather, or live around or near the Connellsville/Greensburg PA area, you need to contact her.  They were delicious.

Mat and I are tired.  Really bone tired.  And we are just at the beginning.  Now that we have purchased a house, we need to fit in inspections, and paperwork.  And our house being listed means that our house has inspections, appraisals, moving company quotes, etc. lined up.  We have completed many things, but we are still in the mist of trying to get everything done in our very tight timeline.

What makes it even harder is that Mat has already started working in Boston.  He is there two full days a week.  He has to leave at 5am on those days and doesn't get home until around 8pm.  Long days for him.  Long days for all of us since I need to get the kids everywhere they need to be.  And he is working there on Monday and Thursdays - the ONLY two days a week that are the hardest because of kid's activities.  Monday - Karate.  Thursday - Kumon and horseback. know.  A lot of juggling.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have 11 more school days and Arlington has 13.  Things are winding down.  By the time school ends, the house will be on the market, we will be done with inspections and just in a "Waiting" period for our house in Massachusetts.  And so the month of July might actually be relaxing.  Maybe.  Doubtful.

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