Sunday, June 12, 2011

When Candyland teaches you a lesson

This afternoon, Mat took Arlington to the movies, so the littles and I played a game.  I let Finley pick, and she picked Candyland.  While this is the most boring game on earth, Finley and Cainan love to play it.  I was getting things set up for the game, and Finley was organizing the cards on the board.
We start the game and Finley pulls the first card.  It is a "special card" with a picture of an ice cream cone.  She is very excited because this picture is near the top of the board - and she is surely going to win.


For all of you who KNOW Finley - this is no chance.  She is not lucky that was the top card.

"Finley?"  I say, "Did you put that card on top?"

A sly smile crosses her face.  "yes....." she admits.

"Cheater, cheater pants"  I tell her.  She does not mind.  She thinks this is VERY funny.

The game ends quickly, of course, and so we play again.

This time, I shuffle the cards, but allow Finley to go first.  "Hey" she says "where is the ice cream?"

Well hidden I tell her, and we continue play.  We all know what happens when you cheat.  It comes back to bite you.  And for Finley - she did not have a good second game.  She ended up on a spot where she lost a turn - twice.  And had to go back to basically the beginning with one card she turned over.  Then she was sitting funny on a chair, and tipped over.  While she didn't get hurt, she ripped her pants. 
This sent her over the edge, and she started to cry.  I tried hard not to giggle, but quietly reminded her that we must always play fair.

After the second game - she was done with Candyland (which she most definitely lost).  What a weirdo.

Disclaimer: the pictures were taken when Finley was already in bed.  Arlington and I were doing sometime downstairs, and Finley was not pleased that she did not have Arlington upstairs yet.  She said she wanted "company". 
The last picture is when Arlington finally appeared.  Yeah - the two of them having their own rooms in the new house might not go that well.

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