Saturday, October 6, 2007

Finley's 15 month appointment

Friday was Finley's 15 month appointment. She is healthy but just really underweight. With all of the sickness she has had since starting daycare, she is only 18 pounds, 8 ounces. That isn't even on the chart. The doctor wants her to drink two cans of pediasure a day and eat a lot of fatty food. Finley is a good eater, but just doesn't have much of an appetite when she is ill. And she HATES pediasure. I can't hide that stuff if I tried. I even tried making her a smoothy with strawberry pediasure, bananas, sugar and ice cream. She refused to drink it! Cainan, on the other hand, was mad when that drink was gone! :) But I remember that Arlington was the same. She wasn't quite as small as Finley is, but she didn't like pediasure. So we used half and half and heavy whipping cream mixed in with her whole milk. Now Finley does like that and drank two cups of that already today. We will get to the point where it is very little whole milk and mostly half and half. But she needs to pick up weight. The doctor drew some blood to make sure that everything else was fine, but expected all the blood work to come back normal. Her being sick for basically two months straight with a very little appetite hasn't given her much of an opportunity to pack on the pounds. But today, she had sausage and banana for breakfast, and two pieces of bologna and grapes for lunch. Plus all of her milk. So days like this- as long as they continue - will help her gain.

Cainan is doing well. He has one more day after today for us to change the dressing in his nose, and then he will be all done with that and the arm restraints! He will be so happy! He will then be able to go onto a soft diet and be able to feed himself again. That will also make him really happy.

Arlington is doing great as well. We had a playdate this morning with a little friend of hers from school. She got a chance to run around the playground for a few hours and I got some adult conversation with her mom. It was nice! My parents stayed home with the babies and Mat got some work done.

My parents left this afternoon and we are on our own with the three kids once again. It was nice to have the help this week. It was a nice break for all of us, and gave us a chance to recharge and realize we can do this! Now that Cainan is on the mend, things will be easier until his next surgery in November. We will be getting back to normal this week with all three kids being in school and I return to work as of Wednesday. I am looking forward to returning and getting back into our life routine.

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E R I C A said...

Thanks for the tip about mixing the half & half with whole milk.

Our daughter Sophie is 17 months and only weighs 19 pounds. Luckily she'll drink some Pediasure, but not as much as I'd like her to. I'll have to try the half and half!