Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday update

Well another week has come to a close and we have been busy as always! Here is what is going on with us

Wednesday - Arlington stayed home from school since she had a fever the day before. She ran a low fever first thing in the morning, but then was good the rest of the day. Mat was home with her since I was working and he could work from home.

Thursday - Arlington felt well, so she went to school. However, when she got home from school, she wasn't looking great again. At dinner she started to cry and said her throat and ears hurt. Luckily we have a very nice, urgent care that is never busy near by our house (that sees kids). This is where we took her the last time she complained about her ear (which was just two weeks ago). Mat took her and I stayed home with the babies and we took a walk after dinner. They were back within about 45 minutes. Her throat was red, but no infection. But she has a double ear infection. Ugh! Another one? That kid that is never sick! The pediatrician did say that around age 4 or 5 they get 8-10 infections, so I guess this isn't that unusual. So she is on an antibiotic
Finley learned to say "moo" and it is funny when she does it. She is also saying a lot of words more clearly, and seems to be understanding more and more direction. She is also the ham of the family and always trying to get a laugh.
Cainan is finally realizing he has lips. He has started licking them, and rubbing his tongue and hands against them, which is great! First step to getting him to stop drooling so much. The speech therapist wants him to lick his lips and play a lot of games of putting food on his lips and letting him lick it off to get him used to them being there, and keeping them closed together. He still breathes through his mouth and that is causing him to drool a lot more. Once step at a time.

Friday - No school for Arlington today. She was sick yesterday (and running a fever) so she was home with Mat again. She felt fine, but stayed pretty much on the couch or in her room playing. Poor kid - can't catch a break and Mat had to work from home two days this week. No fun for anyone. Both the babies went to school with no problems, although Finley came home sneezing. I forbid her to get a cold!!! (ha) Tonight I went out with a few of my girlfriends to dinner. We went to a yummy sushi restaurant and had a nice kid free evening. Although, we decided to sit outside at the restaurant, and it isn't under cover. We had an umbrella over our table, but it started to rain, then the wind started to blow the rain around, and we were chased inside. We were finished eating, but stuck inside the bar area where it was really loud! We stayed there about 1 hour, then couldn't stand it anymore, and decided to run for it. I know - where was our umbrella? Well, they call Florida the "sunshine state" - who needs an umbrella. We were soaked, but it was fun.

Saturday - Arlington woke up feeling great, so she went off to her scheduled playdate today. She played with her best little friend all afternoon. They went to the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins to decorate and had a blast all afternoon. I will take a picture of her with her pumpkin tomorrow and post it next week. She picked a pumpkins about as big as she is! But she had a good time. Mat went to work for the afternoon and I stayed here and cleaned the house while the babies took a nap. Once everyone was home and awake we had dinner and just played and finished cleaning up. We hung some pictures in Cainan's room as well. His room is getting close to being finished! A slow project now that he is here and we are so busy! I usually work on projects like that while the kids sleep, but can't while he is in there! Oh well. We are getting there.
Finley learned to give kisses when asked. It is really cute! She is picking up stuff really quickly. Cainan has started saying "la la la" or something like it! He doesn't have a roof of the mouth, but he sticks his tongue between his teeth to make the sounds. We count it as a victory!
Tomorrow Mat's mom and dad are coming in for a visit and will be here until Monday night! My sister in law Carrie and her baby so they are down helping her (she lives in Jacksonville Florida) and are coming to visit us for a day and bring our niece with them. So that is why we are cleaning! Ha!
Yes we are proud aunt and uncle tonight of a healthy baby boy! We have a nephew! He is so cute and has a ton of black hair. He was 7 pounds, 11 ounces. They came home this morning. My niece is almost 2, so hopefully she will adjust to her new little brother. She will be a great big sister! We can't wait to hold that baby! Congratulations Carrie and Jonathan! We love you!
Here are a few pictures

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Jen, thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for sharing.
Believe it or not, I'm going to start a part time job tomorrow, my best friend, Gloria, has 3 grandchildren, 9, 6 and 3. Their parents had a sitter that just up and told them she had to be off for 3 weeks, no notice!!! So the baby, Ethan and Alexa,6 will go to day care and I will take Alexa to kindergarten at 11 A M, and be at their house at 3 PM, after school until their Dad gets home from work at 5. Ethan will stay at day care until dad picks him up and Kayla (9) is in school all day. So I can earn a few extra bucks doing something I love, being with little kids. The kids know me and I think it will be kinda fun. Besides, I can use the extra money. I'll let you know how this works out, and we'll see how things go when the snow starts. Nanny