Monday, October 8, 2007

Occupatinal Therapy day

Today we took Cainan to Occupational Therapy (OT). He was stubborn as usual, but it went pretty well. We were there for 1 hour while she evaluated him and gave us some exercises to work on at home. She found that he doesn't track toys as well as she would like. We think the helmet might have been getting in the way AND he was being stubborn. At home we did the tracking of toys with him and he followed them just fine - as long as his helmet was off. She gave us some massaging techniques because his muscles in his thumb are really tight from him keeping them bent all the time. He doesn't like it because it means sitting still, but we have to do it several times a day. He will get over it. And we had to put away all the little toys and we are to concentrate on him handling only larger toys which spread his hand out and make him grasp with his thumb. So all the little toys got moved to Finleys room and all the little ones stayed in the playroom. We need to stretch his palm muscles out - he doesn't have a good arch to his palm from keeping his thumb in all this time. The braces he is getting will help as well. So that is what we will work on with OT. I don't know when we will see her next. She has to submit the paperwork to our insurance company and then we just wait and see if they will let him continue. We think they will since he was diagnosed with trigger thumb and that is classified as an injury!

Also, we met with the general surgeon who will do his circumcision. We were going to get that done this month, while we didn't have any other surgeries, but I found out today he needs to be intubated for that surgery (tube in his throat vs. just a mask). He can't have that until he has his palate repaired. So we decided (the doctor and us) that we will wait for that until January or February. It is nothing major - just a 20 minute outpatient surgery - but it is on hold. So at least we got the appointment out of the way. That way, in the new year, we just have to set up the surgery.

Today there was no school for anyone, so Mat was home with the girls while I took Cainan to his appointments. The girls were pretty well behaved today. Finley was having kind of a tough time with sharing with Cainan. She kept pushing him down. She is a little bully sometimes! She has these days where she just doesn't want him in her space and wants mom and dad all to herself, and so she is rough with Cainan. Poor guy just kind of takes it. For the most part, she is fine. Ebb and Flow.

Here are some pictures from today


Carrie said...

Finley? A bully?! LOL That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

That sibling rivalry, I remember it well. Jimmy and Bryan did their best to get on each others nerves and mine as well. Have faith Jen, now the boys won't make any big decisions without talking about it to the other. Nanny