Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Post operative visit to Dr. Stelnicki

Today we had our post op visit to our craniofacial specialist. He took a look at Cainan's lip and nose and said all looked great. He wants us to keep the gauze in until Monday and then we can be done with that. The stitches that are still there (which there aren't many) will disolve on their own in time. He has to stay on the full liquid diet until next Monday, and then he can move to a soft diet for a week or two and then back to a regular diet. The doctor doesn't want to see him again until the 30th of October, and then on the 12th of November will be his palate surgery. So that was all good news.
The lady that takes care of the helmet adjusted Cainan's helmet. He still has a red area on his head that looks a little "angry" so he has to leave the helmet off for 24 hours. She shaved some of the helmet back and thinks that will solve it, so tomorrow he can wear it again. This helmet just won't sit right on his head. The lady did say that she did see some rounding to his head, though which is good news. So it is doing it's job. He will continue to wear it until we are satisfied with the roundness of his head.
This morning before those appointments he had his first speech therapy appointment. Today was just the evaluation to see his needs. The speech therapist was pleased that he was making some sounds and learned some signs and wants us to continue. I got a lot of suggestions of what to work on at home, and she will see us next week. Then she said we probably won't need to see her every week until he gets a little older - after his palate surgery for sure. So that is good - we will probably see her every 2-3 weeks at first. Yeah! So we may get a break after all! Things are looking up.
That is the end of Cainan's appointments for the week. Yahoo! Tomorrow Finley has an appointment, so we still have running around to do, but thankfully my parents are in visiting so Cainan doesn't have to go with us. He can stay home and play all day for the next 5 days and doesn't have to go anywhere! He will be so happy!
Finley is doing well. A lot less coughing today and more like herself. She didn't go to school today. This week she will just go Monday and Thursday to give her a chance to heal completely. Plus, with my parents here, it gives them a chance to play with her.
Arlington is now sick! I cannot remember the last time that girl had a cold. Whatever Finley had - Arlington got it. She is still acting okay, but she is all stuffed up and sneezing a lot. Poor girl. She will just go to school in the mornings for the next two days, and possibly Friday as well if she still is feeling under the weather. But as long as she isn't running a fever and feeling generally okay, she needs to go to pre-kindergarten. It is a big deal if they miss, so we try not to.
Here are some pictures from today. You get to see Cainan how he will look once all his extra stuff is gone! We gave him a break from the cotton in the nose, his helmet and his arm braces all at once!


Anonymous said...

Great news Jen, I bet your parents will have a blast this week. And of course, you will enjoy having them with all of you. Love and prayers, Nanny

Donna Kay Moore said...

Cainan looks great...his lip, his head, everything! He has changed so much in these past weeks. :)