Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First day of work and school

Today was Cainan's first day of daycare! His daddy forgot to take his picture this morning, so we will take one tomorrow and pretend it was his first day (ha). After getting three kids ready for school all by himself, I am not worried about a little picture! That was a big enough accomplishment! But Cainan did very well. I called and checked on him and he hadn't cried at all. But Finley did the same thing. It was a novelty for two days, and then after that, she really cried when we left for about 1 week. Then she was over it, and now she doesn't mind it at all! So we may see the same thing from Cainan. I am glad it is Mat taking him and not me! We will see how it goes the rest of the week. I am hopeful he will do well. But he took a good nap and the teachers said he seemed to have fun. He made it all the way until 4pm without a hitch until some little bully decided to push him down and his bumped his lip. His lip started bleeding because he bit it, and the teachers kind of panicked (because of his cleft), but he bumped his bottom lip, so no worries. But guess who the bully was? Yep - his very own sister, Finley. Wasn't that nice of her? She is going through a tough time right now - not wanting us to leave the room at night when it is time for sleep, and being rough with Cainan. We are giving her a lot of individual attention, so it is just a phase. She really wants to be mommy's only baby, I think, and doesn't like sharing the spotlight.

Anyway, Cainan is okay. He has a fat lip and a little cut. He kept rubbing it, and we put some ice on it. I am sure by the morning he will be back to normal. And hopefully now that the teachers see how Finley is going after Cainan, they will keep her away from him the best they can.
And my first day back at work went very well. It was a long day - 6:30-5:15. But it was nice to get back and see my kids (patients) and co-workers. I work in a small place and we are all close, so it was nice to chat with them and have lunch with adults, and have adult conversations. Yes, I am a pediatric nurse and I still have to change diapers and wipe noses, and break up fights, and feed people, but it is just different. I can't explain it - it just is. I know I will be a much better mother because I am working. Now when I get home, I can't wait to see the kids and play with them the whole evening.

And Finley- we got a call from the allergist today that her lab results were back. I asked for them, and the answer I got was, "you need to set up an appointment with the doctor to get the results". Huh? So you want me to pay money to sit in front of the doctor and have him read me a paper when he could do that over the phone? Drag my kids there on my day off from work? Not a chance. So I asked for a medical record release form, had Mat sign it, and send it back and requested her records. Dummies. So we got them faxed to us this afternoon - free of charge. (ha!) She is allergic to dogs (which we knew), eggs (which we suspected) and peanuts! (UGH!) the same as Arlington (food allergy wise). What is that about? Oh well - should have known. But she just mildly allergic to all three, so I think she will probably outgrow at least the food ones with time.

We also have a court date for Cainan's readoption. Since I didn't travel, he needs to be readopted here in the United States to make him a full citizen. Then he will get a social security number and even a Florida birth certificate (which he needs for kindergarten but I still think is funny). The date is November 5th. We are looking forward to that. We are greatful that we can get it done before his palate surgery.


Anonymous said...

Since i haven't been around Finley much, it's hard for me to picture this beautiful child as a bully. But now at least you don't have to worry that anybody will pick on her, she can hold her own. Nanny

Carrie said...

That's great that Cainan did so well at daycare!! Yay! And Finley being a bully is just too funny to me. Such a little squirt, pushing her brother around. :) Good for her.

Donna Kay Moore said...
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Donna Kay Moore said...

Yea! Glad his first day was okay! What a relief!