Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday fun

Here we are at Tuesday already! Time sure does go by quickly when you are busy! Here is a quick recap of our last couple of days:

Sunday - spent the day cleaning and Mat went in to work for a few hours to work in peace. When he got home, it was time to work in the yard. Even though it is the end of October, we are still experiencing 90 degree days, so the kids put on thier bathing suits and played in the water and with the water table while we worked. They had a great time. Everyone was tired and went to be early!

Monday - no school for any of the kids today. Today was a teacher work day, so everyone was home with me all day. We played and just goofed around. Everyone behaved really well, and we all had fun. It was a rainy day for the most part, so we were stuck inside, but that didn't seem to matter.

Tuesday - Today Arlington and Finley went to school for the day. Cainan had speech therapy this morning and then an appointment for a helmet adjustment and then an appointment with the surgeon. As most of you know, Cainan's palate surgery is on November 12th. So today the surgeon wanted to discuss that surgery with us and what he would be doing. He also wanted to see how Cainan's lip was coming along. We are now massaging it three times a day to break up the scar tissue and soften his lip. Hopefully he will start to look less and less like Elvis overtime. The doctor is going to start giving him injections in his lip to help with that as well. They will do the first one during his next surgery, and then he will get some in the office after that. Fun times! But his head is showing some nice rounding, so his helmet got adjusted - yeah! And speech therapy went well. Cainan still isn't saying much while we are there, but I am getting a lot of good pointers from the therapist that are really helping him progress at home. Tonight we cleaned up because tomorrow we are having a Halloween party before trick or treat. Arlington is so excited!

Some fun stuff:
Arlington - she said/did something funny the other day that I wanted to share. We don't let her watch a lot of TV, but she really wanted to watch Scooby Doo on Sunday morning while I was cleaning. I came in the living room and caught her digging around in a cereal box. I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "the TV told me there were prizes in the cereal box, so I am looking for it." That is so great - the TV is now giving her directions.

Finley - learned to say the word "please" and do the sign for it. She is so cute when she says it. She also says "moon". Don't know why. She just likes being cute I guess. But she remains our little "bad baby". That girl is just trouble! She likes mischief very much.

Cainan - learned to say "hi"and "bye" and do the sign for please. We were really impressed. He says hi all the time to people now. The "bye" doesn't come as easy. He is doing a lot more babbling AND a lot LESS drooling. We used to have to change his bib 6-7 times a day. Now we are down to 1-2. I actually see him close his mouth more to swallow and wipe the saliva away from his lips. Yeah! That is great progress.

Here are numerous pictures from the last several days. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are positively PRICELESS!!!!!!! I look forward to them as much as the news. THANKS bunches. The one little girl that I am caring for is learning to read, and I have to be careful , I was having her sound out with phonics, but that's not he way they learn to read. They memorize the words. Nanny