Sunday, October 7, 2007

The weekend is going by fast!

Well Sunday is almost over! We have had a nice weekend. Last night Arlington, though, started complaining of her ear hurting. She proceeded to tell us that it has been hurting for two days. It was around 5pm when she announced this. She has had a bad cold all week, so I wasn't surprised. But 5pm on a Saturday? We luckily have an urgent care near by and Mat took her there. She does have an ear infection, so she is on an antibiotic. Why not? The other two kids are on them as well, so why shouldn't she join in the fun? I tell you - we cannot get around being sick in this house! Maybe our winter will be better than our summer. :) But she feels fine, but I am glad she is old enough to tell us what is wrong. We did tell her that it would be better if she told us right away. I think she was worried that the doctor would give her a shot if she had to go.

Then last night Mat took Arlington to a puppet show at our church. She really enjoyed that. They had a free dinner and show and had a lot of fun. She came home talking all about it. I am glad she got to do something fun without the babies tagging along.

This morning we all went to church as a group. This was the first time Cainan got to go. Since he has been pretty high maintenance with his surgeries, we haven't taken him. But today Mat and I had to teach Sunday school, so we took him along. We drop off him and Finley in the nursery. We teach Arlington's class, so she went with us. Well, half way though the Sunday school Cainan had gotten himself so upset that the teacher brought him down to us for comfort. He was crying so hard! We were really surprised - I didn't think he would care about being left there. But she handed him over and he stopped crying. So I guess he has bonded with us after all. I have never really been separated from him since he came home, but he is so easy going, we couldn't believe his reaction. We were a little sad that he was so upset, but also happy that he wanted us so much that he cried! That is actually a good thing! What worries me is the separation come this Wednesday when I return to work. I am not sure what is going to happen with that! He is going to have to stay all day. Let's hope that he takes to it after a day or two. He will have to go three full days a week. Finley will be in his class, but this morning - that wasn't much comfort for him. We shall see!
Cainan also said "mama" today. He put the syllables together! We were very pleased. We are trying to work on the suggestions the therapist gave us, and getting him to repeat syllables over and over is one thing she wanted him to do.

Finley is feeling much, much better. Her cold is completely gone. I am sure once she returns to school this week she will get a new one, but for now she is doing well and eating great! And she learned to say "baby". She says it over and over. It is cute. And she tries to say "butterfly". She just chats and chats with incoherent words all day long - really cute.

Here are some pictures from today. I know they are a little "baby" heavy, but Arlington was busy watching a movie with daddy and I was trying some different pictures out!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures, Jen, Finley has such beautiful blue eyes. I wish I knew how to print these pictures so I can show them to all my friends, but I'll just have to wait for Bryan to give me a few more computer lessons. Love and prayers, P S go steelers!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

That's so cool that Cainan said Mama! I can imagine how awesome that was to hear. Glad to hear that Finley is feeling better, too. Have a great week!

Love you,