Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday in Florida

Update time! Here is what we are doing (besides sweating to death) here in Florida. It has been 90 degrees every day and humid. I am SOOOOOOO ready for it to cool off. I think we are supposed to have a slightly cooler weekend. I am over all this hot weather.

Sunday - Mat's mom and dad came down for a visit. They arrived at our house around 1pm with our niece. We were happy to see them. The babies had tuckered out early and were already in bed, but Arlington was waiting for them! Our niece had taken a nap in the car so she was ready to play! She and Arlington had a great time playing until the babies got up from their nap. This was the first time Mat's parents got to meet Cainan, so that was exciting! Their grandkids multiplied from 3 to 5 in the last 2 months!! And both the latest editions were boys. We need someone in the family to round out the numbers!! (and takers????) Anyway, we had a nice visit. The grandparents played with the kids, then we decided to brave dinner out with everyone. I am sure everyone who looked at us with these 4 kids under the age of 5 felt bad for us! Considering my niece is only 8 months older than the babies I am sure we looked insane to all onlookers! But the dinner went off without a hitch thanks to the fact we had four adults and lots of snacks! Everyone was well behaved and it was fun. By the time we got home it was times for baths and bed. All of the kids were tired and everyone went to bed without problems!

Monday - Mat's parents volunteered to stay home with all three little ones today and pick up Arlington at Pre-K at 11:30! Now, my in laws raised 5 kids (one set of twins even) so I knew they could do it. They had a really great day and everyone behaved very well. Arlington was the only one that didn't nap. Mat and I went to work and when we got home, dinner was waiting and all of the kids were fed. Ahhhhhhh..... My mother in law said being with all of them brought back a lot of memories! :) But the help was nice. They left to go back to Jacksonville to help my sister-in-law around 6:30pm and will stay with her until the weekend.

Tuesday - today Cainan got his thumb splints. He hated them at first, of course, but got used to them this evening. We got them this morning, but decided not to put them on for school today until I had a chance to mess with them. They seem a little big, but I think they made them as small as they could. He has the tiniest little hands! And his thumbs are really small, so they look very weird in these splints. The splints have a metal piece between the thumb and the rest of his fingers, so he can't bend his thumb in at all. He figured out how to pick things up with them tonight, so that is progress. We are to take them off for eating, but for the rest of the time, they should stay on. Even at night. He will wear them until at least January when we see he doctor again. As long as they do the trick, I am all for it! At least they are washable (unlike the helmet)! He looks like he has boxing gloves on. Too funny. Poor guy. But this is one more step in the right direction.
And Arlington had an eye doctor appointment today. The eye doctor wanted to have her checked before she went to kindergarten, so we went today. Eyes were perfect. She was a really good girl. The appointment was long, but she was a trooper. The only thing she didn't like was getting her eyes dilated. It made everything blurry and that made her mad. She wanted to sit and do a puzzle and read a book and couldn't. But by this evening she was all better!

Arlington is feeling much better. Today was her last day of antibiotic. Let's hope the ear infection is gone for good this time. She still has a little bit of a head cold, bu not much. The worst part is - she passed the cold to Finley (of course) and to me. So Finley is sick again!!!! And I got it to. Whatever it is, must be strong because I don't get sick easy! 10 years of pediatric nursing and I have an immune system that is "strong like bull".

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days!


Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Ben and Sally are having more fun than the kids. I'm positive that they loved every minute of the visit.
Cainan's splints look cool, mine is sterling silver and when the swelling goes down, they slide around backwards and I spend half my time fixing them. I like his better, but they probably wouldn't work to help my problem thumb. Love and prayers to all and many thanks for the update. Nanny

Donna Kay Moore said...

Everyone seems to b enjoying themselves, even Cainan with the splints and helmut!

You have an adorable family!