Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Finley's allergy doctor visit

Today Finley had an allergy doctor visit. Although we think that most of her nose running and stuffiness is due to her just starting daycare, we do believe that some of it is due to allergy. Since she is allergic to dogs and did have the reaction to eggs, we decided to have her have the full workup for allergies. We took her to the allergist this morning and they did one skin test on her where the egg did turn positive for allergy. But peanut was negative! Yeah! After they did that, the nurse decided to call the insurance company to see if they would pay for her to have the RAST blood test instead. They would just draw one large tube of blood and that would test for every allergy. That would be so much better instead of hours at the allergist with her getting skin tests. So the insurance company said yes, so we had that done instead. She was really good for it. She sat really still the whole time they were looking for a vein, and just cried a little when they stuck her. We should have the results within a week and then we will know if she just has those two allergies or a few more.

I picked up Arlington at pre-K early today and had all three kids home this afternoon. We didn't do much - just played and everyone took a good afternoon nap. We had a really nice stress free day. Not much to report for today for a change! Enjoy a few pictures from today

The babies playing with a diaper box

Finley playing in a box

Arlington and Papa reading a book

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Jen, thanks bunches. I love the pictures of the babies in the box, just goes to show you, you don't need toys, just empty boxes. Nanny