Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upcoming Fundraisers

Now that the wonderful Chicken and Biscuit fundraiser for RDH12 Fund for Sight is over, it is time for a few more.  Just a reminder, there are THREE (yes three) Fundraisers happening for Finley for the month of February.
First up is the Tastefully Simple party here in Connecticut.  20% of all proceeds go to RDH12 Fund for Sight!  We have already made $100 for the fund just on pre-orders.  The party isn't until Feb. 13th, but you can order at any time.

Follow these directions:

Even if you aren't local, you can still order, and we get 20% of the profit made! Will go to our RHD12 Fund for Sight, so please support Finley's Fighters!!! Orders can be mailed directly to you, and the food is SO YUMMY. I order from them a lot and love it. A friend of mine is hosting and offered to do a fundraiser for Finley and give the profits to us, so please participate!!!! And invite anyone you want and show the catalog to everyone you know. Our goal this year is to raise $150,000 - so we need your help. Go to TastefullySimple.com to order online or just look the catalog over. Amy McLaughlin is the consultant, I am the host! Search for me
The next up is the Bus Trip to a Casino in Pennsylvania.  This trip is going to be FANTASTIC!  It is a great price, and there will be fun stuff to do on the bus as well!  Prizes!  Games!  So please attend if you can.  We want to get two full buses down there!!!

Here is the flier
The third is a Pampered Chef Party in Florida.  My sister-in-law Teen is hosting a party on Feb. 26th, so if you are near Jacksonville Florida, please come!  But if not - you can order online and RDH12 gets part of the profits.  There stuff is really awesome.  Thanks Aunt Teen for this great party!  Here are the details from Teen so far:

"I'm holding a Pampered Chef party in order to raise support for the RDH 12 fund - this fund will help pay for research that will hopefully lead to a cure for my niece Finley and many others with LCA!! Depending on sales, Pampered Chef will donate up to 20% of the sales! So please come, have fun, buy! and bring a friend!!! :) If you're unable to attend, but would like to order something, you will be able to do so online (more info will come later)!! For more information on my niece's story and LCA, please visit her website at www.finleyfighters.com! Thanks everyone!!
Also - if you decide to host your own Pampered Chef party, they will donate $10 to our fund (you will still get your own rewards).
And if you want to take some extra catalogs with you to give to your friends and families to order, you may!! : ) There are lots of ways to help!!! (Plus you are still eligible for the monthly specials)"

Those are the next fun things coming up - a lot of great things to do over these cold winter months, and for a great cause.  We hope you will join us for one - if not all - the events.

We are planning a walk/bike/run this coming summer for Finley in Connellsville.  We are looking for a catchy name for the event.  Here are some things that people have come up with so far.  Keep the ideas coming!  Leave a comment on this post if you want to weigh in on a name for our event.

Connellsville Chug
Connellsville Move-A-Long
Move To See!
Action for Vision
Finley Fighters Site-A-Thon
Falcons Fight for Finley
Falcon Finley Fighters Race
Fighting for Finley 5K
Flying for Finley
Fighting for Finley
Pedaling for Pletcher
Taking the Trails to Fight For Finley
Finley's Field for Vision
Stroll the Sights for Finley
Traveling the Trails to Fight for Sight
Get on your Feet for Finley
Move Your Butt for Finley
Site for Sight!  Walk or Bike!

Aren't they awesome?  Thanks to everyone who has given us these ideas.  We want to hear from YOU!  So let me know what you think.  This is going to be one of our biggest events.

And my area in Connecticut - don't feel left out.  In March the Mom's Club has a brunch planned for our community, and the annual town race will benefit Finley as well - so we hope you will join us!

PS - yes, the pictures are of Finley putting a crown on my in-laws dog.  Lucky didn't seem to mind and it was pretty cute.  Even though Lucky is a boy.  And Yes - Finley is wearing her Skeleton Halloween costume.  She wore it all day.
And in the other picture she is helping Gramma make Snicker Doodle cookies from a mix from Tastefully Simple.  They were really yummy and easy!

See you tomorrow.


New Mama said...

i must say that i do think Fight for Finley 5K is too cute - the Finley's Fighters logo would look great on a race shirt with that logo! if you guys need any help with getting things together on the C-ville end, tell your parents to let me know!


Anonymous said...

I like Move Your Feet for Finley!! Cute!! Anissa