Saturday, February 12, 2011

Arlington's first birthday celebration

Today Arlington had a chance to go to the movies and invite a few of her friends.  She isn't having a real party because we are going on a vacation for her birthday, but we wanted her to have a chance to do a little something with a few friends.

She was allowed to chose 3 girl friends to take with her.  The 4 girls together had a great time.  We took them to see "Gnomeo and Juliet".  Even though it got bad reviews, it was a cute movie, and the girl's enjoyed it.  They got her some really cute presents, and they had a good time.
This evening we took her out for her birthday dinner.  Since her birthday falls on a Tuesday, we weren't going to be able to go out during the week.  So she chose Friendly's.
She goes mostly for the ice cream, but she loves that place.
It was a fun day.  On top of that, I painted the downstairs bathroom. know...I had the free time.  Honestly, I couldn't stand looking at those beat up white walls one more second.  It isn't the color I wanted, but it will do.  It looks much better.

Tomorrow is the Tastefully Simple Party for Finley!  It should be fun.  also, don't forget - the casino trip is on the 19th.  19 more seats left - let's fill them up!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Friendly's for ice cream also!! Get ready Arlington- you and I are going to eat lots of Mickey Ice Cream in a few days!!!

love Grammy