Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Love of a New Washer

OMG my new washer is flipping awesome.  I hate doing laundry more than anything in the world (which is why we got a housekeeper in the first place), but  - for at least tonight - I am loving doing the laundry.

This thing was delivered today and Home Depot even hooked it up and ran it to make sure it worked.  Then they looked at my laundry detergent and said "you can't put that in this washer - it needs a special detergent".  Okay - that deflated my excited bubble a little bit.

It is a high efficiency washer - uses less water than most washers - and so it apparently needs high efficiency detergent.  Lucky for me, Target makes their own brand, so I didn't have to give up my first born to be able to wash my clothes.  Lucky for Arlington.  I mean me.

Being a complete dork, I ran out and got said detergent and read through the washing machine instruction manual in full.  (This is why woman should run the earth - Mat would have chucked in the laundry, and hoped for the best).  I started my first load with Cainan's comforter.  Cainan's comforter was the downfall of our old washer.  (well - at least was the straw that broke the camel's back).  When I dropped it in (this washer doesn't have an agitator, which was so great), it only took up 1/4 of the washer.  I looked in the washer, and the comforter looked so......small.

It was lonely, so I went around to the heaping piles of baskets of laundry (since our washer broke last week) and found things to add to it.  Sheets, blankets, rags.  Still - the washer didn't fill.  As fun as it was, I decided that I should just start it.

Now, the washer has a see through top.  I can watch the wash.   You may think that this sounds like watching grass grow, but my was not.  At least not for about 10 minutes.  I turned on the washer by pushing a cute little button and it made some little singing noises and lit up like a Christmas tree.

It has about 1000 washing choices.  But this washer is SMART.  It KNOWS how much is in there and can add water accordingly - no guessing on how big the wash is, and how much water it needs to add.  There are 20 choices for types of loads.  You pick it and it does the rest - lights up what type of wash will happen.  You can adjust if you like, but I haven't found the need.

Wait, wait!!  Don't fall asleep!!  This thing is super quiet, and has a child lock.  AND a lid that doesn't slam.  I lift it up, and when I let it go, it comes down slow and soft.  Hmmmmmmm... so sweet.

It tells me exactly how many minutes the wash will take, and what it is doing when.  It lights up with the parts of the cycle, AND it counts down.  It is a beautiful thing.  No more walking in and looking at the washer and ask it what is TAKING SO LONG?  Now I know.  This is a very good thing for a type A person.

When the wash was done, the comforter was in a hilarious, bread like position.  Like someone had folded it in the washer.  IF you have ever made bread - it looked like that when you finish putting it in a ball.  The comforter was on the bottom when I started, and now it was neatly in the cute ball on top.  And it was rung out that it took less than a 1/2 hour in the dryer.

I love you washer.  I usually hate all appliances, but I don't hate you.  I washed 30 pairs of jeans in one load (remember kids jeans were in that number), and I put two weeks worth of towels and delicates in the wash after that.  The washer didn't bounce around, or freak out, or shake so bad that you were sure it would unplug from the wall.  No, it said "ha!  Is this all you've got?"

I am about to go around the house and look for things to challenge it with, but I won't.  Tempting....but no.

See you tomorrow.


Andrew said...

We have a no-agitator gigantic washer, too, and LOVE it. A year later and I am still amazed by how much fits in there. Congrats on your new bff :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to respond to an entire blog devoted to a washer- Mom

Anonymous said...

MUST HAVE THAT WASHER!!!! Sooo jealous...I am almost hoping my washer breaks. Did I say that?