Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tastefully Simple

Disclaimer - for the grandparents:  I forgot to take pictures, and I am sorry.

The party was a great success and very fun.  I spend the morning finishing the painting in the bathroom, setting up for the party, making some of the food, chopping up the ice on the sidewalk, and just generally getting ready.  Mat was nice enough to take the kids to church without me this morning so that I could get everything done.

The party started at 3pm, and we had a chance to taste all kinds of yummy dips and food.  I forgot how good a Tastefully Simple party can be!  And the food is AWESOME.

All in all - after all the online orders, and people who ordered at work and from PA, and from the party, there was $1500+ in sales!  And that means that $318 went to RDH12 Fund for Sight.  AMAZING!!  Very exciting.  Thank you to everyone who ordered and supported our party to help our cause.  Every bit counts.  Every cent.  And sales are OPEN until Friday, Feb. 18th, and then the party will officially close so we can get the products all ordered.  So if you still want to order, you still can!

Even better news is that I got $240 in FREE products to order, and I have decided to raffle them off at some of our upcoming events!  (I am going to spread them out).  So if you love yourself some Tastefully Simple you will have a chance to win some at the upcoming Breakfast in our hometown, and the Summer bike/walk/run in Connellsville.  And I am sure I will be able to spread it out to a few more as well.

So - any thoughts, are welcome.  What are some of your favorite products?  What would you like to win?  Leave me a comment and help me order!!

And don't forget - Saturday is the bus Trip!!  17 seats left - let's fill that 2nd bus!!

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