Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time for a reminder

Just wanted to remind you of the two upcoming Fundraisers for Finley!

Tastefully Simple
Feb. 13th
If you want to come - please let me know!
If you can't come, but want to order, please let me know as well!

Thanks for your support.

Bus Trip
The flier speaks for itself
Please RSVP to Nancy Shultz as soon as you can!  We have one bus already full and really would like to get a second full bus.  The second full bus has already started to fill, so please RSVP.  This is a GREAT fundraiser for our Finley.  This will bring in a nice amount of money for our Fund.

Remember - our goal this year is $150,000, so we need your help!

We are welcome to all and every fundraiser idea.  We have had a lot of people approach us about Fundraisers, and we are open to anything and willing to help with whatever you plan.  So contact me if you have an idea you would like to try.

We are still working on that name for the Bike/Walk/Run this coming summer.  We got some amazing suggestions - keep them coming!

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