Friday, February 11, 2011

The end of a long week

This week was a good one, but our first 5 day week in awhile.  The kids were really hyper today about being in school.  My office was a crazy pit of kids all day with various needs.  It was like the beginning of the school year this week.  The kids have been in and out of school so much, and trapped at home, that they have been relatively healthy.  But this week - I sent home at least one kid a day with a fever, and many kids came in with headaches and colds.  Spring needs to come soon.
As part of Friday tradition, my work friends and I ordered pizza for lunch, and then after work I got to spend some time with my friend Athena while our kids played.  It was nice to visit with her, and hear the history of her family (thanks girl!).  I love to hear family histories.
Finley's head is looking a bit better.  I haven't removed the bandaid - we have to wait until next Wednesday to do that.  But her black and blue mark is turning that (wonderful) yellow color.  So hopefully by next weekend it will be completely healed.
Arlington is turning 8 in a few days.  I am hoping that 8 is going to be a little better than 7.  She still is dramatic, but honestly, over the last few weeks, I have seen less.  She is more helpful, more responsible.  She even got her own breakfast this morning and poured the milk and didn't make a mess.  Yay.  She and I are on the second book in the Harry Potter series.  We are going to be going to the Harry Potter world at Universal during our upcoming trip, so I thought she would like to get started on the books.  We decided to read them together because I do love the books.  And she has been really into them - reading ahead at nights, and asking all kinds of fun questions.  I love watching her enjoy books.
Cainan got a hair cut this past week.  His hair was getting unruly, and being so coarse, it was time for a shave.  He told me that kids are rubbing his head at school because they like his new hair cut.  Cainan has a cut cuts and bruises on him and tonight after bath he told me it was because "he was a boy".  Very true. 
 Tonight I am relaxing on the couch with my People magazine and getting ready for a busy weekend.  Tomorrow I am taking Arlington and three of her girlfriends to the movies for a little birthday party.  And Sunday is the Tastefully Simple party!
Also - don't forget - next weekend is the Casino trip in PA!!  Here is the flier.  There are only 20 seats left on the second bus, so get your tickets soon!!!  We want two full buses!!!

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