Sunday, February 20, 2011

Odds and Ends

We removed Finley's bandage from her head.  Some of the glue did pull off a side of her eyebrow.  Here's hoping it grows back.  Soon.

Finley is back to wearing her old glasses.  Not that this is a bad thing, but they just aren't as dark as her new ones.  But the new ones just will not stay up on her face and she is constantly looking over them instead of threw them.  We need to just get these old ones darkened until she learned to push up her glasses.  Or her head grows.

Finley is not sporting two new tatoos on her arm.  Fake ones, of course.  She put them on after she got them at her preschool Valentines party.

Arlington had to write a "middle of a story" this past week for homework.  She had to write something that was related to their 100th day of school.  Her teacher gave her the beginning of the story, and the kids had to take it from there.  She decided to write about tiny trolls.  Weirdo.

Arlington and I are on book two of Harry Potter.  She seems to be really enjoying the series.  Book two is my least favorite.

Cainan has been really into cleaning up lately.  He will even clean up toys he didn't get out.  I hope it continues.  I also wish he would teach this to his sisters.

Cainan recently got a hair cut.  Mat cut a little too close on the back of his head, is a bit uneven.  Lucky for Cainan, his hair grows as fast as a Chia Pet, so we already see an improvement a week later.

I am almost done reading my book "Eye Envy".  Next up - is a book called "Undaunted By Blindness".  It is a story of people throughout history who made their mark and were blind.

I am on lesson 8 of my 27 lesson contracted braille class through Hadley.  It is kicking my butt, but I am determined to finish it.  My instructor is awesome, so she keeps me motivated.

Mat is constantly working.  I wish I had something more exciting to tell you about him.  His number one commitment right now is working with researchers working on LCA.

We are getting close to making our first year's donation to Dr. Bennett for her to start RDH12 research.  The foundation that helps our RDH12 Fund for Sight finished entering all of our deposits (I think the Telethon put them over the edge - it took awhile), and so we are ready for the next step!  As soon as it is made, we will make the big announcement!!  The researcher is hoping to have the press there for the handoff, so stay tuned.

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