Friday, February 4, 2011

A rare full day of school

Today was so odd.  We went to school for the whole 7 hours.  Whoa.  Don't know if I can do too many of those.  I forgot how long 7 hours can be.

Just kidding.  Sort of.  The kids were not pleased with the fact that they were there all day.  By 2pm, my nurse's office was full of children BEGGING to go home.  One had a scratch on his face he had gotten Tuesday.  It was a small scratch.  He said to me, not joking, "It hurts so bad, I think I must go home from school."  Nice try buster.
I do not post Cainan - he comes up with these poses all on his own.

I wanted to share that my Sister in Law, Tricia, found out yesterday that she is expecting a boy!  This will be her second child, second boy.  We cannot wait to meet our new nephew (our 5th one!) and find out what his name will be.  I tried to get her to let me name the baby, but she vetoed that idea.  Darn.  It will be fun to see if he looks like his older brother, "E".  Check out her blog to see some ultrasound pictures of her new son.

Arlington has homework this week to find out from 9 people "what is your favorite thing to do outside on a snow day".  Her favorite part is calling people on the phone and then reporting their answers.
Here she is calling her GiGi.  GiGi's first answer was to "go to the casino and go shopping".  I don't really blame her.  But then, my 85 year old grandmother told the truth.  "making snowballs and putting them in the fridge, and shoveling her driveway and friend's driveways."  Raise your hand if you think she should not be shoveling.  What?  Everyone?  Yeah - could you please share that with Grammy Appolonia the next time you see her?  Thanks.

I asked Finley tonight what she wanted to do when we got to Disney.  She said "get a tattoo".  Yep.  That is what I want to do first too.  Weirdo.

Arlington has gotten a few birthday presents in the last few days.  Thank you to Gramma and Pappy Pletcher, and Aunt Betty for the wonderful presents!  She has opened them as they have been coming in the mail.  We are saving a few things for her big day in a few weeks, but when you are 8 - it is hard to wait.

Tomorrow we are expecting more snow.  While even writing that statement makes me want to cry, I understand that it is a light snow with no real accumulation.  That I should be comforted in the fact that we won't be expecting a lot more snow until next Thursday.  Great.  Real comforting.

Today was pajama day at the little's preschool.  Finley was in her glory.  She rolled out of bed, went to school, came home, and then rolled back into bed and didn't have to change her clothes.  I need to have pajama day for grown ups at my job.  I would love to wear my comfy clothes all day. Of course, that might just bring on a nap.

Until tomorrow.......

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