Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Total Random

Believe it or not, we have had school for (gasp) 3 days in a row.  The kids don't know what to do with themselves having so much learning in a row.  I think their heads might explode with knowledge overload.
Is she supposed to be doing this?

Last night I met with our local Mom's club about an upcoming fundraiser they want to do for Finley.  We are really excited to get our hometown involved in our first fundraiser around here.  We had a nice dinner out and a great time deciding what to do.  We decided on a breakfast on April 3rd, so stay tuned for more details!  (as many as I can give on my blog)  It is going to be yummy and fun!
Mat drew a heart on Finley since she wants a tatoo

Finley went to Kindergarten for her first February visit today.  She was excited that she made a valentine heart and a birthday card for her daddy.  Gail, her TVI said she had a great day, and she tried to get a better handle on Finley's lack of central vision and everything she sees.  She gave us some exercises to try at home, so we are looking forward to that.  Her sight seems to be holding steady (knock on wood), and we hope it is because we are protecting her eyes from light (yet not from wood floors) and giving her a lot of needed antioxidants.  We can only hope that we can slow it down enough for our researcher to catch up with us.
Cainan is going to have a speech evaluation at school in March.  He was in speech therapy until age 3, and then they put it on hold until he was going to elementary school.  I am sure he will need some kind of support.  He talks very fast and gets his words jumbled.  So we will see what they say.

Arlington started working on her class Valentines today.  They have been mocking her for 4 days, so she finally got me to break down and let her write them today.
 She set up a whole little system and got them done.  Not that she had many - her class only has 14 kids.
Our washer finally bit the big one, and we bought a new one last Sunday.  It is being delivered tomorrow between the hours of 10am and never.  I am glad it is coming, laundry is starting to pile up and my weekend is not looking pretty.  But I will be excited to have our new washer.  Here is the one we decided on.
No - it isn't a front loader.  This is the biggest washer we could find.  Capacity is 5.2 cu ft.  The front loaders didn't come that big.  I did want a front loader.  In red.  But in the end I decided that bigger was better with 5 people who go through an enormous amount of laundry.  When the kids move out - red washer here we come.

This weekend we are taking Arlington and a few friends to a kid's movie for Arlington's upcoming birthday.  She turns 8 next Tuesday, and since we are not having a big party (due to an upcoming big trip), we told her we could do something small.  So she and 3 girl friends and I are going to a movie.  She is so excited.  It should be fun.

See you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing Finley looking at those carousels from your room- they are still beautiful.

I wanted the red washer for you also- but bigger is better and faster- yea!!!

love Mom