Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today's blog is about my eldest, Arlington.

A few weeks ago, we were notified that she won the month of September's "Responsibility" award at her school.  We were really proud of her.  She got a certificate and a pin, and they announced her award at their monthly school wide meeting last week.
(Arlington getting her certificate and pin from her principal)

Arlington is responsible.  She is a typical first born.  She follows the rules, she doesn't feel comfortable if someone breaks the rules, and she is a pleaser. 

Of course, she is still a kid.  She throws her clothes on the floor, forgets to pick up her towel after her shower, and sometimes needs to be reminded to brush her teeth.  But overall, she is a very responsible kid.

We have never really had to worry about Arlington.  We usually only have to tell her something once, and she takes it to heart.  She takes her role in our family very seriously, and I know I can count on her to help me out when needed.

Arlington also came home a few weeks ago with the news that she received a 100% on her state exam in reading and math.  We were blown away by this.  She definitely takes after her father.
(I would have put her in a cuter outfit for the ceremony, but alas, it was gym day.  Check the pockets sticking out of her pants.  Sigh)

We are very proud of our girl.  With everything that goes on with Finley, and even with Cainan, she takes it in stride.  She cannot always be the center of our attention, and she is okay with that.  She never shows jealously about the attention Finley gets, and truly cares about her well being.

We are lucky to have Arlington.


The Kovalls said...

Yay, Arlington! I'm always glad to see her get a little love on here :-)

The Kovalls said...

Yay, Arlington! Always glad to see her get a little love on here :-)

Anonymous said...

To: Arlington Pletcher
October 21st. 2012

Congradulations Arlington! You are a very smart girl and I'm sure you are very proud of your accomplishments too. You are a ''great'' big sister to your younger brother and sister, keep up the cheerful and awsome job!
P.S. I like all three of your names. They sute you.
Your Friend,
Shayla McCartney