Tuesday, October 16, 2012

White Cane Safety Day

Yesterday, October 15, 2012 was White Cane Safety Day.
 It is also the day, last year, that the President proclaimed Oct. 15, as Blind Americans Equality Day, and also signed the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act.
 Just one of the reasons I love President Obama.  (Yes I am a democrat.  Shocking)
 Finley named her cane Rainbow.  But she told me yesterday she thinks she might want to rename it.
 She uses it for minimal travel right now.  Thankfully she can get around still pretty good without it.  But if she is going somewhere alone in the school (which right now is just to the bathroom and back) she takes her cane.  And she is doing pretty well with it.
 (Finley has two keychains on her cane right now that she earned!)

At home we take it when we go to Target or out to the mall.  We are still working on getting her to use it and not want to give up and hold our hand instead.  It is a work in progress, and we don't push.  A friend of mine (who has a vision impaired son) just gave me some ideas for some fun games we can play while we are out that might encourage her to use it a bit more.
(The end of Finley's cane is pink instead of the typical red.  We had to have SOME fun)

The idea is for it to become an extension of her.  That she will feel odd without it.  That when we are out and she wants her independence she will say "give me my cane I want to walk by myself".  We are getting there.

(Finley has a folding cane, which is so nice for putting in her backpack or my purse)

We want her to be safe.  I don't want her to learn the hard way someday.  The cane will warn her when a hazard is coming, and I think once she realizes that, she won't want to be without it.


Anonymous said...

October 16Th. 2012
From: Shayla McCartney

Hi Finley and Family,
I absolutely adore your cane!
I didn't know canes could be specially made? That's cool!
I beleive everything that is newer to someone is a little more harder to learn, especially canes and cane travel. But ''practice makes perfect.'' Finley, you seem like you're doing wonderfully too!
I'm going to have to tell my friend Ginger, who's blind., that she can do that with her cane, if she doesn't already know. Laughs!! May I just say this in the most beautiful and BEST sense and terms....
''Finley, you are a beautiful and smart blind child and you make me smile when I see how beautifully you look standing so proud with your cane.... your independance! I'm positive your Dad, Mom, older Sister and Brother are very proud of you and love you so much!''
Again....God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

(same day) 16TH.

Finley, I like your Cane's name, it must be a girl one, cause it's pink. LOL.