Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Another Halloween has come and gone.  I cannot believe we are about to start November.  Our trip to Disneyworld is in 25 days!!  Can't wait.

Finley and Cainan had a Halloween parade today at school and I forgot my camera.  I talked to Finley's aide and she knows someone who took some pictures, so hopefully I will have those to share soon.

4th grade they don't do costumes or parades, I am afraid, so Arlington was out of luck.  They did have crazy hair day and did a fun pumpkin carving activity, so she was satisfied.

Tonight was trick or treating for our town.  I do wish they would hold it on the weekend.  During the daylight.  Ah well.  So at 6pm we set out in the dark and hit up a neighborhood not far from our own.  Our neighborhood is REALLY in the woods, so we don't get trick or treaters, so that is why we leave.

The kids had a great time.  We hit about 20 houses and they got a good bit of loot.  Their favorite though?  A whoopi cushion. 

You read that right.

I am going to find this person and give them my children.  The last thing our son needed was something that makes fart noises.  Because this throws him into a fit of giggles time and time again.  I cannot believe each one of them got one. 

15 years ago today, Mat and I were having our wedding dress rehearsal and dinner.  Where has the time gone.

Enjoy the few pictures I have!

Arlington is ready to go!
 Arlington is pretending to be a zombie:
 Hitting the first house:
 Candy monsters check the windows:
 Time to check the loot:


Anonymous said...

Hallow's Eve
10:31 P.M. Alaska Time

Great job at trick or treating kids!
My favorite candies are the reeses peanut butter cups! YUM YUM! ''LAUGHS''


From, Shayla

Anonymous said...

5:24 P.M. Alaska Time.

Hello, pletcher Family.
I hope you are all having
a good day today!
I also hope, you have so much fun at Disney Land! I like the beautiful princesses and going to the swimming pool everyday. I went there in summer of 2003.

Today, I made a short picture book, illustrated and written by me about glaucoma. I have been very artistic since I was 3 years old. Recentlly, I've enjoyed making children's books that I hope to get published one day about vision impairments, legal blindness and complete blindness, based on fictional characters, with real life eye disease.

Hopefully, It will help raise more awareness about ''blindness'' in kids.

''The story centers on a 12 year old girl nameds Mary, who has become legally blind from childhood glaucioma. It tells about her white cane, braille use, and (TVI) and her family helping her through her blindness eachday. I named it A Light In The Dark, which seemed to fit the story quite nicely. Does that seem like a nice way to raise blindness awareness?''

Talk to you soon,
Shayla M.