Friday, October 26, 2012

Winding Down

Blindness Awareness month is winding down.  I wanted to post some books that I think are worth reading.

I really enjoy reading books about blind adults and their accomplishments.  It gives me hope for Finley's Future.

So here are some books that I have read.  I hope you out there in blog land will consider reading them as well.  They are all well written, and written from the heart.

Happy Reading!!

Touch the Top of the World - by Erik Weihenmayer.  They also did a movie called Touch the Top of the World as well. 

Eye Envy - by Michael Stone.  We got a personal note from Michael when he sent the book.  Pretty cool.  This one talks about all different types of personal stories of retinal degneration.

Check this Box if you are Blind - by Susan Meyers

This one is a story told by a sister of a blind adult.  He has a few other issues besides Blindness, but it talks about her struggles as a family member of a blind adult who refuses to "be blind".  Her brother also tells his story.

Thunder Dog - by Michael Hingson

Michael's book is my favorite of the ones I have listed so far.  Michael is a blind adult who was in the World Trade Center (working) on the day of 9/11.  The story is about how his guide dog helped him get down from the 78th floor to safety and what it was like being in the towers that day.  Very moving story.

The Forever Fix - by Ricki Lewis

We know Ricki personally.  She is a great person, and a scientist.   If you are looking for something a little more techinical, but still stories of individuals who have helped make gene therapy history, this is a great book.  Loved every page.  Made me cry a few times!  Our RDH12 Fund for Sight is mentioned, and the boy she wrote the book about - Corey Haas - has been CURED of LCA. 

Happy Reading!  Knowledge is power.

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Anonymous said...

October 26th. 2012
Thes are really cool books!
I have read about some of these authors on the Foundation Fighting Blindness Website I even saw Finley's storie too! I will enjoy reading these books. Thanks
Your Friend,
Shayla M.