Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Costumes have arrived

Today the kids got their Halloween costumes.  So we had to try them on.  Of course.

They are totally random this year - not like last year when we just had gotten Scooby and they went as the Scooby gang.

This year, Cainan wanted to be Wolverine.
Look how fierce he is.
That boy cracks me up when he wants to pose.  He loves his super heroes.

Finley wanted to be Dorthy from Wizard of Oz.
Has she seen the Wizard of OZ?  No.  Did she like that the costume came with a basket and a dog?  YES.

Do  not ask me what to make of this next photo.  Cainan wanted me to take them together. 
Arlington wanted to be Frankie Stein from Monster High Dolls.
We need to work on the wig.
I cannot believe it is October already.  We are in full swing with school, homework, and activities.  And the stores think that it is time to think about Christmas because there are decorations in every store.  So sick.

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Serge said...

Your kids sure look like they're having a lot of fun with their costumes! They're all so adorable too!