Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Continuing with Blind Awareness Month

Today I am going to share what Finley "sees"  At least according to all the tests she has had.  Finley thinks she sees just fine, which is a whole "notha" story.

I know this photo says "age related Macular Degeneration" but this is how Finley's diagnosis acts.  Many types of LCA mimic Macular degeneration because of what is happening to their eye.  LCA is the most severe form of retinal degeneration there is.

Aren't we lucky.

What you see above is the black spot that should be Finley's central vision.  Because she doesn't have any, this is what she sees when she looks at people.  The blurry edges are there too.  Normal vision is 20/20.  Hers is 20/200 and cannot be corrected with glasses.

So not only does she have the black spot, she has the blurriness to go along with it.  A double whammy. 

She doesn't look you right in the eye because she is trying very hard to see your face.  We think she can make out enough for recognition EVENTUALLY, but at first, she doesn't know who it is.  This is a big part of her shyness, and why it takes her a long time to be comfortable in a group.  Unless she knows the voice, the hair, the mannerisms of the person she is with, she is a total wall flower.

We think that she had most of her central vision when we found out her diagnosis, and just lost it in the last year or so.  The disease process will continue and the black spot you see above will get bigger and bigger until there is nothing left.

But we aren't going to let that happen.  Are we?

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