Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

I won't lie and tell you that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays.  It is not.  The kids love it, though, and so we do it for them.

I love fall, though, so instead of Halloween decorations, we put up a lot of fall decorations that I can leave up until I decorate for Christmas.  And we do give Thanksgiving a lot of love in this house.

We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this past Saturday while my parents were visiting.  We live in the "country" so my mom's comment about it being a "real pumpkin patch" made me laugh.  We had to trample out into the muddy fields, and get the pumpkins from the vines.

The kids each picked a pumpkin, and today we carved them.  I took some pictures so enjoy!

The kids stand next to a huge inflatable pumpkin.  I did not pick their outfits.  I was out with my parents, and Mat brought them to the pumpkin patch as such:

Finley found the dirtiest pumpkin she could:
Cainan picked the first pumpkin he saw, so he was done:
Off the pay for our loot:
Arlington's favorite thing to do is pose.  I think she will take Vanna's place someday:


Cainan is the only one who cooperates with pictures:

Finley thought this should be her pumpkin:
She was so excited to carve her little pumpkin:
Spilling some guts:

The finished project:
Cainan's pumpkin:
Finley's pumpkin:
Arlington's pumpkin.  She wanted it to have glasses:

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