Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We get asked all the time if we are angry at God about what is happening to Finley.

Our answer is simple.  No.

Are we angry?  Sure.  More sad than angry most days.  More frustrated than angry some days.

But angry at God?  No.

God didn't do this to Finley - genetics did.  God didn't punish us, or give us a challenge, or feel like this is how our family was meant to be.  Genetics did.

God doesn't kill people, give people cancer, cause good or bad.  That is not what I have ever believed.

I believe you make your own destiny.  God is just there to meet you at the end of it.

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Anonymous said...

October 30th. 2012
T hat's a good way to think about your daughter's LCA.
To each thier own beliefs.
God is always there to help us in our lives, too keep us safe, too let us always know we are greatly and most innocentilly loved by the Father.
I pray that you all are safe during Storm Sandy.
Your Friend,