Tuesday, August 19, 2014

$16,000 for RDH12 research

Our foundation became $16,000 richer this past Saturday at Finley's annual event in Connellsville, PA

This is our 5th year doing an event in Connellsville, and this was BY FAR the most smooth event we have ever had.  We were relaxed, and everything went perfectly.  We had perfect weather, an amazing amount of help, and a great turn out.

We thank everyone who supported us in any way - donations, participating, volunteers......we have had 5 successful years because of you.

Here are some great pictures - courtesy of Larry Orlando - from the day.  Enjoy!

Setting up the race packets
 Dad, Mom, and Harold discuss what to do next.
 Setting up the basket raffle:
 Setting up the tent to cover the lunch table.
 Our first registrant - Brian Suter - shows up.
 Aunt Betty helps with the basket raffle table set up
 The basket raffle is my favorite part of the day.
 These geese were not happy we were there.
 Sharon and Betty set up the trophies
 Sue Stoner - who made the amazing and beautiful Elsa dresses for the raffle - works the Basket raffle.
 These four hard working men decide what damage they should do next.
 Mat and I setting up the credit card scanner.
 When you have teachers working at your event - it goes off without a hitch:
 The bounce house goes up.
 Registration is in full swing.  We had quite a few people show up the day off to participate.

 Raeycene Bechtold sponsored our 1/2 mile fun run.

 The half mile fun run gets lined up.

 The 10K runners start to line up.
 The 5K runners/walkers line up.

 Basket raffle!  Everything was donated by businesses, friends and family.  Biggest one we have ever had.

 Mary Louise, Judy and Sue were amazing at the raffle.  Teachers are the best.
 The three trouble makers at the food table - Marge, Karen and Debbie.
 Pappy Pletcher and my niece, Olive.

 Getting ready to announce the winners of the races.
 Finley helps.
 5K walk - first place winner: Gloria Antoon (who came in first overall - male and female)
 2nd place 5K walk winner - Marybeth Hassan
 3rd place 5K walk winner - Michelle Layton
 1st place Male 5K walk winner - Jim Hassan
 2nd place 5K walk winner - Dennis Cropp
 3rd place male 5K walk winner - John Zavatchan
 1st place 5K RUN female winner - Heidi Evans
 2nd place 5K run winner - Lauren Harvey.
 We missed the 3rd place 5K run female winner, but it was Anna McGowan

First place 5K MALE run winner - Eric Laurent
 2nd place 5K run winner - David White
 3rd place 5K run winner - Robert Evans
 1st place 10K run winner - Brian Suter
 2nd place 10K run winner - Christopher Crutchman
 3rd place 10K run winner - Coco Molinaro
 1st place female 10K run winner - Ashley Carroll
 2nd place 10K run winner - Keli DeCarlo
 3rd place 10K run winner - Carla Lytle
 We give our awards to our 1st registrant, 100th and 150th, etc.  Here is our 100th registrant - Aiden.
 Our 150th registrant - Kayla
 The crowd 

 Time for lunch!  We served hot dogs, ham BBQ, water melon, sliced oranges, bags of chips, cookies (the size of your head) and drinks.
 Gramma Pletcher feeds baby Olive

 This is the Springtime Hill Barn Band - they donated their time for our event.  They were really good!
 Aunt Jessie donated her time and skills to do face painting again this year.

 Uncle Tom uses his mad balloon animal skills.  These are very popular!
 Taylor and Alicia Hruby.  Taylor did hair wraps which the girls loved.  So glad to see Alicia here - she is on a liver transplant list waiting a liver and it was nice to see her.

 My 88 year old grandma Bonnie.  She has been fighting cancer since December and while physically she looks different, she still has spark.
 My favorite pictures of the day.
 My 94 year old grandpa Phil.

 My nephew Jack.  He ate his weight in Watermelon.  But he is the most photogenic baby on the planet - so even with dirt and watermelon on his face - you can't contain his cuteness.

 Cousins - Cainan and Ethan.  Waiting to draw names in the basket raffle.
 The day is done - time to tear everytjing down!