Friday, December 26, 2014


Arlington has a new accessory

A few weeks ago, she fell in gym, and bent her hand back.  She didn't have any swelling or bruising, so the doctor thought it was just a sprain/strain or a muscle pull.  She wore a brace but she has still been complaining that it hurts a lot.

So I made her an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor.  He knows her well.  She broke her foot earlier this year, and then hurt her knee - she she and he are good friends.  He is amazing, and very kind, so I knew he would want to see her to just make sure.

He took some x-rays (which I probably should have insisted on earlier with this situation, but I am a nurse and I tend to believe she is faking) and he said it looks like her growth plate had separated.  He thinks she also had a small break that is healed a bit poorly, hence the continued pain.  So he thought the best course of action was a cast for a few weeks.

At first - this option seemed exciting to Arlington.  She picked the purple color, and seemed fine.  But as the day wore on, it has become less fun for her.  It is heavy.  It hurts.  It itches.  She has been teary for an hour and insists I cut it off.  Right now.

So - 3 weeks of fun lie ahead for her.  She cannot play basketball.  We are unsure about Hip Hop class.  But what can you do?


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas day 2014

Another Christmas day is winding down.  I cannot believe how fast it has come and gone.  We had a great day starting at a not too early time this morning.

The kids had a great time, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing - just the 5 of us.  We will be seeing family next week, but today was quiet.  We stayed in our pajamas most of the day, ate junk food, and watched movies.

Mat and I didn't do presents to each other this year - we decided we are going to take the kids on a trip to NYC over spring break instead.

Enjoy the pictures!  There are a lot of them because these are for the grandparent's sake:

Waiting on the steps to come downstairs and see what Santa brought:
 Cainan's stash.  From Santa he got one big lego, a DS game, a few skylanders, a movie, some books, and some treats
 Finley's stash.  From Santa she got Shopkins sets, books, a DS game, art supplies, and some treats:
 Arlington's stash.  From santa she got her phone (yes she did), some How to Train Your Dragon figures, some books and clothes and some treats:
 Finley checking out her new books:
 Going through her stocking:
 Cainan going through his skylanders:
 Finley going through an American Girl backpack
 Cainan going through his stocking:
 Finley got something called Shopkins from Santa - which she loves.  They are little tiny food shaped rubber toys with faces on them.  Weird - but whatever:

 She got a stuffed Olaf from Arlington
 Cainan's legos from the Hicks family:
 Finley got a My Littlest Pet Shop figure from Arlington:
 Cainan got a Voldemort figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a How to Train Your Dragon figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a Skelanimal dressed as Flash from Cainan:
 Finley got a My Little Pony set from Cainan:
 Finley got a My Littlest Pet Shop London set from Cainan:
 Cainan got a Baymax figure from Finley:
 Arlington got a label maker from Finley.  She has been labeling the whole house all day:
 Finley gave Cainan a pineapple drinking glass.  The joke with this is - she called him "Pineapple" all the time.  We have no idea why.  She thinks it is funny, and Cainan hates it.  But he thought this was pretty funny:
 Cainan got a Hagrid lego figure from Finley.  Since he loves Harry Potter, but the sets are all retired (and so expensive) - we went with a few characters.
 Finley got a Monster High hair set from the Kelly family:
he got a stack of books from the Kelly's:

 Cainan got a Monsuno toy from the Kelly family
 Cainan got a Brain Games book from the Kelly's.
 Scooby tried to get around my crate fortress I set up to keep him out of the living room.  He was not please:
 Cainan got a game from the Kelly family.  We can't wait to try it:
 Arlington got a quotes book from the Kelly's.  Wonder was one of her favorite books (and that is saying a lot because she hates to read):
 Arlington got a giant notepad from the Kelly family.  They totally know her - this was great because it had owls all over it:
 Cainan got a Lego movie set from the Ting family:
 Finley got an Amelia Bedelia book set from the Tings:
 My littlest pet shop toys from the Ting family:
 Arlington got a Justice gift card from the Ting family.  She can't wait to go shopping tomorrow:
 Cainan got a Lego movie lego from us.  I think. :)  He also got Plants vs Zombies xbox game:
 Finley got Pokemon cards from the Hicks:
 Arlington got a sad eyes puppy from the Hicks:
 Finley asked for another Eeyore (her favorite Disney animal) for Christmas.  We found this cute little one at Hallmark:
 Cainan's big lego from us.  He has already put it together:
 This girl loves My Littlest Pet Shop, so we got her a few of those:

Arlington is playing basketball again this year and loving it.  She needed a bigger ball.  She also has a Claire's gift card taped to the top - which is what she REALLY wanted:
 This is a picture of an item that I cannot find.  My guess is I never ordered it, but thought I did.  So we will go and get it tomorrow.  It is Batman 3 DS game:
 Arlington's favorite movie is How to Train Your  Dragon.  This is a figure from that movie:
 More Pokemon cards:
 Scooby giving jail break another try.  He just ended up stuck:
 Arlington's Grumpy Cat stuffed animal.  It also has a collar that says "No".  Perfect.
 Arlington's Baymax Pop:
Arlington's favorite new toy.  Fits her perfectly.  Grumpy cat with a "No" collar.
 Cainan lounging on the couch:
 Dinner time!  That is our Jesse tree in the background: