Friday, August 30, 2013

Race day photos - take 2

Here is the next set of photos - enjoy!

Getting ready to start the races.  Mat makes an announcement and Finley starts them off:
 The 10K racers start off:
 10K - look at them go!
The 5K run/walk gets started:

 My Aunt Renee and cousins Alissa and Kirsten bringing up the rear!
 The part of my family that didn't race.  My sister in law, Tricia, and my brother, AJ ran the 10K and 5K.
 Our finish line - our sponsor this year was Connellsville Walmart:
 Our first finisher!  This is Eric Reger - he finished the 5K run in 17 minutes, 46 seconds:

Setting up our trophies for our top winners:
 We missed pictures of a lot of our finishers, but this is Laura Gardiner.  She was our 3rd place finisher in the 10K
 This is Joe Bierhals.  He was our first overall/male finisher in the10K.  He finished it in 39 minutes!  Pretty amazing!
 2nd place 10K place finisher: Eric Laurent.  He finished in 42 minutes, 7 seconds:
 This is David White - our 3rd place winner in our 10K.  He finished in 44 minutes, 8 sec.
 This is our first place 5K run winner - Amy McGoinon.  She finished ins 23 minutes, 7 seconds.
 This is our 2nd place 5K run finisher: Debra Byble.  She finished in 23 minutes, 32 seconds:
 This is the triplet SISTER of our 3rd place 5K run winner.  Winner is Kenzie Grenell.  24 minutes, 6 seconds.  She had to leave, so her sister accepted for her.
 Our first place 5K run winner again - Eric Reger.  17 minutes.. Incredible.
 2nd place 5K run winner: Jordan Adams.  Came in at 18 minutes, 49 seconds:
 This is our 3rd place 5K run winner - Walter Bennett.  He came in at 19 minutes, 30 seconds.
 This is our first place 5K walker Debbie McGee.  She came in at 31 minutes, 15 seconds:
 This is Amber Trump - our 3rd place 5K walker, Came in at 38 minutes, 8 seconds:
 This is our first place 5K walk winner - Jason Soltis.  Came in at 32 minutes, 6 seconds:
 Dennis Cropp - 2nd place, 5K walk winner.  Came in at 35 minutes, 28 seconds:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Race photos

So here is the first round!  I am going to divide them up for a few days because there are many.  MANY.  Which is good.  Many pictures is good!  So just keep checking back and I will keep posting them.

So.....round 1!  Set up and race check in:

The first of the really big tents goes up:
 Sally - Mat's mom - starts to work on the basket raffle set up:
 Aunt Betty and Helen Branthoover also helped set up the basket raffle:

Our basket raffle selling table - most popular spot!:
 Putting up huge tent number two.  No instructions.  Who needs them!
 Our amazing bounce house donated to us for the day by Hip Hop Hooray Rentals:
 The ladies start to get organized.

 Third huge tent to go up.  They got this:

Our registration table ladies - they are ready:
 Toni and Stephanie Kostelnik get their volunteer assignments from Lynda Witt:
 Look at those serious faces!
 Aunt Betty gets a head start at the basket raffle table:
 Early registrants start to show up:
 My three pre-registration helpers.  Thank goodness they were there!
 Toni was in charge of making sure those registrants filled out their paperwork.  Not one was wrong!

 Our super big tent is almost up:
 Racers start to look at the basket raffle before they run/walk:
 Pre-registration is moving right along now:

Getting the volunteers their name tags:
 Mary Louise - my amazing Godmother - wrapped every basket (after organizing them into beautiful arrangements) and tagged them all and then spent the whole day selling tickets.  She is awesome.
 Mary Louise and Judy getting organized to sell those tickets:
 Our neighbor growing up - Barb Brado, and her family showed up for the day.  It was a great surprise!
 My kids show up and get a hug from Aunt Betty:
 Racers getting organized:
 Setting up the lunch area:

My kids having a breakfast of champions.  Donuts:
 Racers and more racers: