Friday, July 31, 2015

Leaving Lake Norman - Family Picture Day

Before we left last Friday, we took some family pictures.  This day is fun, but just as crazy as me trying to get the grandchildren to take pictures on the stairs.


The granddaughters
 Cainan and Gabe:
 The grandsons:
 The grandparents
 Arlington holding Jet:
 Finley sitting with Gramma and Pappy:
 My babies:
Our family.  Don't look to close - we are dressed to travel and not looking so great: 
 My kids with Gramma and Pappy
 A behind the scenes look at what it takes to get 14 children to cooperate for a photo.  
 But look!  End result (and 1 million shots later) only two are crying!
 Gramma and Pappy with their babies:
 Arlington and Eden
 Marcail and Finley
 After a traumatic photo experience, you just need a hug from Gramma:
 On the dock:
 The big kids (and Aunt Betty):
 Saying goodbye is so hard:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The succession of Grandchildren

Thursday evening, I decided I would like to take pictures of all the grandchildren on Mat's side.  It sounded so good in my head - all the kids would line up and look cute and it would be like a Pottery Barn ad.

It was more like an add for child abuse.

But we pulled it off, so here are the pictures:

In Feb. 2003 - Arlington was born becoming the first grandchild:
 In November, 2005, Marcail came along and Arlington was so happy to have a cousin:
 There were two.  Two sweet girls:
 And the love grew:
 In July, 2006 - Along came Finley.  a 3rd girl in a very heavy boy family.  We felt pretty lucky:
 Three sweet girls:
 And the love grew:
 Born in June 2006, but not joining the family until August 2007 - the first grandson - Cainan:
 A boy at last!
 In October 2007 - along came Gabe:
 Now there are 5!  Will the boys catch the girls?
 In 2009 - along came Eli - another boy:
 3 boys and 3 girls:
In December 2009, we got another girl - Reese.  What a great Christmas present she was: 
 You see that face Reese is making?  This is how she felt about sharing a stair with Eli.  My vision was totally lost on these kids:
 Then in 2010 - we got Silas.  Look at his face!  He did NOT want his picture taken.
 Look how many we have now!  8 kids in 8 years - not too shabby:
 We got this little handsome fellow - Jet - in September 2011.  Another boy!
 Don't they look thrilled?  Quick call Pottery Barn.
 On New Year's day 2013 - we got this little firecracker, Addie.
 We are starting to lose control.  Did I say starting?
 In Feb. 2013 - we got Lincoln.  He didn't want his picture taken either.
 Super thrilled about sharing a stair:
 Well - they are all still ON the stairs, right?  That is a plus - right?
 These little sweetie joined the family in May 2014.  Little Olive
 She is saying "where did all of you people come from?"
 Then in June 2014 - we got this little Sunshine - Eden
 And last - but certainly not least because he is the happiest baby on the planet - in October 2014, we got Rex:
All 14 grandchildren - 7 boys and 7 girls.

But the fun isn't over.  In December 2015 - Jess and Tom will welcome a little boy - breaking the tie and making it 7 girls and 8 boys.