Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review #26

Moving right along.  Pace is steady, so I am still hopeful to finish my 50 book challenge before the end of the year.

Book Review #26 is

Defending Jacob

This was under the category: "A book a friend recommended"

This book is about a 14 year old boy who is stabbed and killed in a park in a small town.  The victim has one fingerprint on him and it is the fingerprint of the DA's son - Jacob.  The book goes through the case and how his parents struggle to believe that their son, Jacob, didn't do it.  The DA's family history comes in to play because his father and grandfather were both violent men.

The book moves through the case and makes the reader waiver about Jacob's ability to commit this crime and being sure he did it.  I did enjoy it, and the ending was very interesting to say the least.

So - take time to read this one.  It got 7000 reviews on Amazon!

Star rating:  4 stars

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

3rd part of our Pennsylvania Trip

The last part of our trip was Finley's event.  We have done an event in Connellsville for the lat 6 years, and this was the 5th year we have done something formal (the first year was a picnic in my parent's back yard).  We had a really great time.  This year we decided to sell tickets and do a golf ball drop where the winner would win $1000.  That was a HIT.  Who doesn't like a chance to win some cold hard cash!  And it was fun to watch the ball drop.

Here are the pictures from Finley's event:

My parent's faithful friends who have been with us for years and never miss helping us set up:

 They also like to clown around which I love:
 These geese stuck around during the event.  I think they were hoping for a hot dog:
 More of my parent's friends who helped us that day:
 Getting ready to sell basket raffle tickets:
 Someone should have told him that he could just dump the whole amount in there:
 Mat's sister, Jess and her husband, Tom did our facepainting and balloon animals:
 The baskets are always very popular:
 Arlington and Aunt Betty.  I love Aunt Betty's face - my guess is my mom just told her she needed to cut up 100 oranges and 10 watermelon:
 Finley swinging at the playground while we were setting up:

 Cainan on the playground:
 Mat and I discussing who was going to do the talking this year:
 The Orlando family are my parent's best friends.  They are amazing people who are there for us always:

 We had a woman volunteer to dress as a minion this year for the event.  She was a huge hit!
 Arlington and Mat's mom taking my niece Olive for a walk:
 My parent's neighbors (and one of our event sponsors)
 My niece Olive was not afraid:
 Loved seeing old high school friends and their kids:
 Finley and the Minion getting ready to start off the walk:
 My brother and sister-in-law and my nephews:
 My nephew, Jack, and my dad:
 Talking before the start of the walk:

 We all walked a full 5K and then came back for lunch:

 The bounce house is always one of our most favorite attractions:

 This is the young lady that took care of my gram when she got sick.  Since her passing in November, my mom and aunt have kept in contact with her.  I am glad she is still a part of our lives.  It was hard not having my grandma there this year, but I know she was watching us from Heaven:

 The two people on the right are my Godparents who have been like my own parents for the last 40 years.  I love them dearly.  Mary Louise wrapped every basket and made them beautiful.  Does it every year:

 The band was AMAZING.  Did an awesome job:
 Some of our young volunteers did hair braids and nails and hair feathers:
 Tom -the master of the balloon animals:
 Returning from the walk:

 Sharon was our photographer - she did a great job!
 My dad and my nephew Jack:

 4 of my favorite people:

 My sister in law does an amazing job painting the kid's faces:

 My Aunt Renee:

 My niece and nephew looking especially cute:

 Still smiling after 2 hours of helping little girls look pretty:

 Arlington getting a hug from her dad:
 Picking the basket raffle winners:

 I was so glad that my grandma's aide and her little girl won this beautiful dress that was hand made by Sue Stoner:
 Getting ready to drop the 1200 golf balls from the top of the fire truck ladder:

 Our County Commissioner was our official to find the winner:

 How do you pick up 1200 golf balls?  You bribe the kids with candy and treats:

 The winner of the golf ball drop.  He was very excited!  He in turn donated $300 back to our foundation:
 My parents with their grandparents:
 The Kovall side: