Thursday, July 29, 2010

The last of the vacation pictures

I know you are thrilled to hear this news.  I want to disclaimer the pictures by saying that they were taking with our "pocket camera" so they are not the best.

The last thing we did while on vacation was go to Idlewild.  This is a sister park of Kennywood - definitely for younger kids, but fun none the same.

We spent the day with Aunt Betty - she joined us and we had a great time.

We spent the morning in StoryBook forest, looking around at all the Nursery Rhyme themed areas.

Finley and Cainan had never been there, so they had a great time exploring.

We stayed there until the regular park opened up. 

We rode a few rides in the park, and had lunch.

Then we hit the waterpark for a few hours to cool off.  We picked about the hottest day of the year to go to this park, so we were glad for the water.

 Then we went back to enjoy more rides until we were tired and sweaty and ready to go home.

It was a great way to end the week.  Like I said - we went back to the pool on Saturday - but I already posted all my pool pictures.  Your welcome.

In other news, Mat and I will be attending the LCA conference this weekend in Philly.  We are anxious to go and meet other families that have been affected by LCA.  We hope to gather a lot of information and talk to knowledgeable people about this disease and get a chance to see what Finley's future might look like.

 Also - my Ipod was stolen.  I did think I lost it, but apparently our area has an Ipod thief and has hit a number of unlocked cars in the different neighborhoods.  I am really bummed.  I am guilty of not locking my car in our driveway, but seriously - we live in the WOODS.  And you can't see our house from any major road.  We reported it to the police, but I am sure it is gone for good.

We have had a really fun week with my niece "M".  I will be sad to see her go.  She is a great little girl.  Next week, after we return from the conference, I will share pictures of our fun week with her, and also of the conference.  I know you will be holding your breath until that time!!

Finley got her cane today.  It is C-day.  I have mixed feelings about it, and will post more about it at another time.  She got two - one that doesn't fold and one that does.  So that when we travel, we can take the folded one.  She has named them princess and Rainbow, and decorated them all with stickers.  They look really cute.  She spent two hours today with the orientation and movement specialist that went over how to use it with she and I and had her practice.

 But next week I will fill you in more.

Take care - I don't think I will be able to post Saturday since we will be at the conference, but you never know.  Our evening is free.  So if we are just sitting around relaxing - you may hear from me.  If not - I will see all of you next week!!  I have posted just about every day this past week, so if you missed some post - go back and catch up!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The vacation continues

Are you sick of me yet?  Are you wishing I would have stuck to blogging just twice a week?  I promise that time will come soon as I get caught up.

These pictures are from our day at the pool - our FIRST day at the pool I should say, last week.  My brother AJ and my sister in law, Tricia, have a fabulous community pool near their home.  Mat had to catch up on work, so my parents and I packed up the kids and went to bother see them for the day.

We got to see all the wonderful rennovations Tricia and AJ have done to their new house.  It is hard to believe (and kind of embarrassing for Mat and I) that they have been there less than a year and they have done that much work.  We need to get a move on.

We went to the pool with my parents and kids, but Tricia and I left soon after for a pedicure.  Priorities people.

Tricia was treating me, and I thank her for it.   It was great to spend the extra time with her and catch up (and gossip).  It was fun and relaxing, and definitely needed.  Love you sister.

We did return to the pool for a little while after our appointment, but decided to just watch the swimming.

We were able to take really great pictures of the kids.  They were having a fabulous time.

My nephew, E, is hysterical.  Ages 2-4 are Hi-lar-ious.  He sings all kinds of songs (about 1000 times in a row), and is a total fish in the water.  And he is such a happy boy.  And talking a mile a minute!  I was very impressed with his verbal skills.

The kids played for several hours, and then we all went out to dinner before heading back to my parents house for the night.

We enjoyed spending this day with them so much, we did it again a few days later(this time with Mat in tow).

It was great to be able to spend time with AJ and Tricia and E.  They are wonderful parents, and E is turning into a great little boy.  He is a joy to watch and a reflection of their parenting.  Great job you guys!!

So - just in case you are NOT bored with me yet - I am not done with our totally awesome vacation pictures.  Oh no people.....there.are.more.

So tomorrow - I will finish

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Grandmother's house we go

I have about the best grandparents on the planet.  I know many of you feel that way about your grandparents, but mine are truly the best.

At ages 85 and 90, they have the energy of a 25 and 20 year old.  They run circles around me.  When we were getting ready for the BBQ - I kept having to take water breaks, while my 85 year old grandmother Bonnie ran around doing twice the job of everyone else.


I feel so lucky that I am their granddaughter.  When it comes to grandparents, I have definitely won the lottery.  I have never known two people who love as much as they do.  Who care about everyone around them.  Who taught me what it means to be selfless. 

I hope that someday I am thought of as half the people that they are.  I know that I will try my hardest to make sure that my children always know what wonderful people they are and how lucky we are to have them in our lives.

While we were home visiting, we made our usual pit stop at their house for delicious homemade Italian food.  And of course - I don't need to bring a single toy to their house because (like me when I was a kid) my kids find their attic full of wonders (such as old games and dominoes), and their basement full of ready made play things (who knew you could have so much fun with clothes pins and a clothes line).

But the best part of their house now, and always (besides the fact that you won't find a cleaner house in America) will be the big hill on the side of their house.

As kids we rolled down this hill, and my kids talk about it all year long until we get to go and roll down it in the summer.

They spent a really long time climbing up and down and rolling.  We took many more pictures than I could ever post because it was endless fun for them.

While they rolled, I saw myself, and my brother, and my two cousins doing the same thing so long ago.  I realize that children don't need 1000's of toys to entertain them.

They need to just have an imagination.  And then their play will be endless.

I smile when I look at my grandparents house and that hill.

I know that my kids will always have the wonderful memories we had of rolling, and giggling, and running.  And then doing it all over again.

 I know that if Finley loses her sight, she will still be able to enjoy everything about this hill.

I am so glad that my kids are able to share in a favorite piece of my childhood, and that they are so lucky to know these wonderful people.