Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NYC Trip Day #2

On Sunday 4/19, we started our day around the same time, and headed out to Central Park.  We grabbed a quick breakfast at Starbucks this morning because we wanted to have enough time to walk around before our shows that afternoon.

We spent several hours in Central Park and we only did around half of it.  I have always loved that New York - with all of its growth and crowds - has left this space alone.  The morning we were there was the Central Park Women's Half Marathon (I had a friend from home running) so we went to watch some of that.  There were over 11,000 women running that race - it was pretty cool to see.

We got to see a lot of the Park.  We had planned out all the places we wanted to try and get to, and we got to them all.  (as you will see in the pictures below).

After Central park, we had a little time, so we went to the Huge Apple Store that is near by and the FAO Schwarz toy store to kill some time.  The kids loved both.  FAO is as overly priced as always.

This day we were splitting up for the afternoon shows.  Mat, Cainan and Arlington were going to see the musical Aladdin, and Finley and I went to see Lion King.  Mat, Arlington and I have all seen Lion King, so those two didn't want to see it again.  Cainan didn't care.  Finley wanted to see Lion King.  And - because she has to sit so close (Which makes it expensive) - we felt we should split up.

Both shows were fantastic.  I have never sat downstairs for Lion King, and the seats were amazing.  That is one of the best shows we have ever seen (this was my 3rd time), but really - I don't think in all of the years we have been going to Broadway shows I could say I have seen a bad one.  Mat and the other two said that Aladdin was funny and the Genie was amazing.  IT was a good afternoon.

We went to dinner at Mat's choice tonight - a place called S'Mac.  IT is a full Macaroni and Cheese menu cooked in a ton of different ways.  It was really yummy and a good place to end the day.

Enjoy the pictures:

First stop in Central Park - Strawberry Fields (which is near where Jon Lennon was shot).  This is a memorial:

 The Central Park Women's Half Marathon:
 Turtles in Central Park:
 Climbing the Boulders in Central Park.  There were so many!

 View of the city from Central Park.  It really was two different worlds.

 Finley climbed these boulders without assistance.  She is fearless with this kind of stuff.  She was in a dress, and even though these are good Sandals, she had no fear.  She is crazy:

 Sitting on one of the bridges in Central Park - taking a rest:
 Castle in Central Park:
 View from the castle:

 View of the Shakespeare in the Park Theater:
 Baseball fields in Central Park.  It is hard to see, but each diamond was filled with a game:
 This Obelisk that was in Central Park.  It is over 3600 years old.  We couldn't figure it out why it wasn't in a museum:

 Alice in Wonderland statue:

 Big pond in Central Park:
 The Fountain they used in Friends for their beginning promo:
 Arlington - our child who HAS fallen into a lake fully clothed before - decided to temp this:

 The main drag in Central Park.  You see this is about a million movies:

 Balto statue in Central Park.  He represents the Snow Dogs

 Boulder climbing!  This was their favorite part.

 Playing checkers and chess in Central Park:

 Cainan and Finley pretending to play an intense game:
 Riding the Carousel in Central Park:

 The Apple Store:

 FAO Schwarz:
 Waiting for the subway:

 Eating at S'Mac: