Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vacation Day 10

Last full day of vacation.  Today we had to take the long drive back across Idaho to Boise where we would be catching our plane the next day.  But we didn't just drive.  We had planned stops to make the day fun and break up the 8 hour driving day.

We spent the entire day stopping at fun places along the way.  We stopped and saw a Lava national park which was called "Craters of the Moon" which was really neat.  The folks that made it a park called it Craters of the Moon because they felt that is what it resembled.  A long time ago, astronauts used to come to the area to practice.  In reality - they found that it isn't like the moon's surface at all, but the name stuck.

Then we stopped at Balanced Rock.  This is exactly what it sounds like - a rock that looks like it is balancing on another rock.  IT was really cool.   It was a bit of a hike up to the rock, but well worth it.

We drove by Thousand Springs State park - not enough time to stop, but we could see many of the water falls from the road.  Then before we knew it we were back in Boise and settling in for our last night before heading home.

We had a great vacation.  I cannot believe how beautiful Idaho is.  If I would have known what we were missing, I would have gone a long time ago.

At Craters of the Moon an Artist made a rendition of a Lava Tube

 We walked to the top of this lava hill.  It was super windy, but great views!

 there was snow down inside one of the deep caves in the lava

 Balanced Rock area

 Thousand Springs State Park

 Last dinner in Idaho.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Idaho Vacation Day 9

Second day in the Yellowstone area.  Today we did see Old Faithful, and went to the southern part of Yellowstone.  We continued OUT of Yellowstone and down to the Grand Tetons.  Because they were there.

We had a very long, but very fun day.  We saw a ton in a 12 hour period, and since it was our last day in Yellowstone, we made it worth it.

Waiting for Old Faithful.  These days it goes off around every 88 minutes - give or take 10 minutes.  It was freezing, so we took turns going inside the visitor center to get warm.

 That blue water.  So hot....

 We found this interesting - an old geyser - a tree growing in it

 a Geyser errupted while we were walking around

 Grand Tetons in the distance....always snow covered

 Riding a boat across Jenny Lake

 Doing some Hiking around Jenny Lake

 Having dinner near the Tetons.  One last Bison burger

 We had a fun time watching these Elk.  The little ones were running all over the place, chasing each other