Monday, September 17, 2007

Black and blue and hungry too!

Cainan's right eye is turning black and blue. That is normal - it is the side of his cleft, and so it had the most trauma. It is also the only side that is swollen. But it does look less swollen today.
Anyway, poor baby is really wanting real food. I am having to feed him pretty often during the day to keep him full. Today he had two cans of pediasure and three jars of baby food. He took it all and did really well. I have to basically drop the baby food into his mouth from the spoon so that the spoon doesn't touch his stitches. That is fun. WE have to cradle him like a baby because he won't close his lips to keep the food in his mouth. If he isn't leaning back, it all comes running back out. That is interesting!
His spirits weren't as good today. He was slightly whiny today. Mostly because it was just he and I here. He wanted my undivided attention like he received over the last two days. I was trying to clean up a little and do some laundry, but he just wanted me to be with him. He was better after a nice nap and his sisters were here to play as well.
Also, I noticed that he wasn't able to breath out of his nose and was drooling a lot more. From the picture you can probably tell he has a plastic piece in his nostrils. He has to keep those in for two weeks. I called the doctor's office, and they told me that I could remove them to clean it and put it back in. And sure enough - it was clogged. But you would not believe how long that thing in his nose actually is! It was about an inch long! Took me by surprise! He was NOT happy with me removing it - mostly because it was taped on, and less happy with me putting it back. But it came out and went back in easy, so at least I know I can do it if I need to.
Also, he is still having some kind of reaction with his helmet. We think it is heat rash or contact dermatitis. I have an internet friend who works with these helmets as well and I sent her some pictures, and she thinks it could be an allergy reaction to the helmet. Great!!! But I still think it is from heat because he sweats REALLY awful, and seems to have the same bumps a little on his back and top of his diaper area. I called and spoke to our doctor who did the helmet, and she thought it could be heat rash as well and gave me some instructions. She didn't say stop wearing the helmet. She will see him on Friday, and if it isn't better by then, maybe she can tell me what we can do. His head is already looking better, so I hope we don't have to stop the treatment. I remove the helmet still once an hour and cool down his head and wipe off the helmet, but it doesn't seem to help much. We will see!
Anyway, the girls are doing really great. Finley is getting a little better. She still has a runny nose, but we think she might have some allergies. I think I will have her tested in the near future so we can get her some relief. And Arlington is doing great. She has blisters on her hands from swinging on the swings at school so much! Each time she goes out to play (twice a day at school) she only swings. So she finally developed some blisters, silly girl. She is band from the swings for a few days!
Here are just a few pictures from today.


Anonymous said...

Jen, the old saying is"housework will wait, babies won't". I thionk Cainan is one lucky little guy to have your family as his own now. Nanny

E R I C A said...

Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon! Hang in there, you're doing a wonderful job.

Both my babies from China have extremely sweaty heads. I hope his reaction to the helmet clears up soon.