Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cardiologist appointment

Friday was Cainan's cardiologist appointment. It was a successful appointment! He had an EKG done, which was normal. The cardiologist listened to Cainan and said that it was a very slight murmur and that it was "innocent". He would not need antibiotics before surgeries or procedures. And he will grow out of it in time. She said that it might get worse when he has a fever/illness, but that it will still not cause him problems. He will not be limited in activities, so that is good, because he is very active! She told us that we would not need to see her again. Yeah! Mark a doctor off the list.
So he has been cleared for surgery from a cardiac stand point. The ENT doctor also called yesterday and said that the results from Cainan's audiology test gave her enough information to go forward with putting tubes in his ears. Because it was Friday afternoon, though, I probably won't hear from her nurse until Monday with choices of surgery dates for that. she is going to put in a semi-permanent tube. She said they should stay in for 3 years, which is wonderful. She said that she didn't want to put in tubes that would stay in longer but would cause scarring, and we agreed. And she said that because Cainan will probably need life long tubes (as most cleft kids do), so she didn't want to put in something that fell out every 6 months to a year. We agreed to that as well. So that is where we stand. On Monday hopefully we will have a surgery date for his ENT tubes as well. We were told the procedure only takes her about 10 minutes, so probably no more than an hour total with getting him to sleep and waking him up. It is outpatient, so he would come home right after he wakes up.
This weekend we are not planning much. We are getting his hair cut in preparation for his helmet. He sweats a lot, and so his hair will always be matted under the helmet if we leave it as is, so we are cutting it off. I am sad to see it go, but I am sure it will grow back quickly!
Here are some pictures.

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