Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A stressful day

Well today has been interesting. It started by Cainan crying every hour last night due to who knows what. He was only awake for a few minutes each time but woke us up each time he cried out. Who knows why - maybe his face brushed the mattress and that hurt. Maybe he didn't feel like sleeping. Whatever the reason - it was a long night. And then around 5am this morning, he decided he was done sleeping for good, and cried/talked until 6am when we just got him up. Luckily our girls are sound sleepers and he didn't bother either of them.
So from minute one today, he has done nothing but whine and cry. He is TIRED! Not much we can do about that. I do feel bad for him. I am sure it is hard to sleep with his lip healing, those things in his nose, the arm restraints and the helmet. We kept him us as long as we could today. We didn't want him staying up all night if we could help it. It was hard for him, but he made it until about 11:15 and then couldn't stay up any more.
BUT before he fell asleep, he was walking around playing, and actually acting happy WHEN he turned around and looked at me and his mouth was full of blood! I couldn't figure out what had happened since he was just walking around, so I grabbed him and started putting pressure on his mouth. I never heard him cry so much. I felt bad and was trying to be as gentle as I could, but it was bleeding really badly, and looked to be coming right from his suture area. I thought he might have bitten the sutures and knocked a few loose. I called the doctor's office and they wanted to see him. I also called Mat because I didn't want to go alone. I am always the meany. So he came home from work and we drove the 1 1/2 hours down to the office. The doctor saw us, and looked at his sutures and said they seemed to be fine, and then noticed that he had bitten his lip right next to the suture line. We were so relieved! The doctor was happy that we brought him in to be checked, and we were glad to be leaving without having to get more sutures.
Cainan had napped down to the appointment and back from the appointment, and was feeling a little better by then, and had a pretty good afternoon. He cried off and on, but was a little more distracted with his sisters here to play with him. He mostly only cried when we forced him to eat. He just gets a little worse in that department everyday. He doesn't like most of the baby food (who can blame him) and cries getting his milk if he has to sit still more than a minute or two. Sigh. But he has to eat, and since the liquids don't keep him hungry for long, he has to eat often.
Anyway, the girls are doing great! Both went to school today. Arlington, our genius (who we know will someday go to Harvard on a full scholarship!) has trouble remembering anything that she did at school besides playing on the playground. She is too cute. She thinks it is only important to tell me about her playtime and not what she learned. I think school might be a little boring for her right now because they are working on things she already knows how to do. But she doesn't complain. I just think she doesn't think it is very exciting, and not worth reporting at the end of the day!
Finley continues to be our little weirdo. She is learning to dance. She does this very silly little dance when music comes on the TV. She waves her hands in the air and opens and closes her hands, and then spins in a circle! It is hilarious. Tonight she was pretending to talk on the phone, jabbering away, and then she went over to Cainan, held the phone up to his ear, and said "hello". She is also our bad one. Arlington was never as devious as she is. She will look at us, and then laugh and run off to do something she shouldn't. And when she gets caught, she keeps going, laughing all the time thinking she is so funny!
Here are just a few pictures from today.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little guy, I'll bet he's thinking "when is this going to get back to normal, whatever normal is" Thank goodness he has the two sisters to keep him company and have some fun. Nanny