Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home at last

We arrived home from the hospital this evening! We were released around 4pm, but by the time we got all the paperwork done and prescriptions filled we weren't on the road until 5pm. We got home around 6:30 and Cainan couldn't have been happier to see his toys. He didn't even want to eat dinner! After some playing and interacting with the girls, everyone went to bed by 8pm. Finley, who is still not feeling well was the first asleep - probably closer to 7:30pm for her! She just seems to get worse as the day wears on. She only ate about 4 pieces of peach for dinner, and didn't want anything to drink. She is drooling like crazy. Her throat must really be hurting. She had been eating and drinking better earlier in the day, but come the evening I think her throat is the most sore, so she doesn't want to swallow much. We will keep an eye on her and if she isn't better in a day or two, we will return to the doctor.
Anyway, Cainan was released with still the gauze in his nose. We have to change it three times a day. We have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday, so I hope that will be when we can be done with the gauze. They are having us do a "wet to dry" dressing, where we wet the gauze, and stick it in his nose. Not very far - he doesn't even complain. This helps debride (clean) the wound and get rid of the infection and help good tissue regrow. The doctor thought it looked good this afternoon, so I hope we are on our way to healing. We can put vasaline on his lips (which are a little dry) but don't pick the skin off (no way are we touching those remaining stitches!). He is looking much better. His wound looks good, the swelling has gone down. His skin is clearing up. I even think we will put his helmet back on tomorrow, so that we can continue with fixing his flat head. Things are looking up.
Cainan was supposed to start school next week, but he may not be able to. The doctor told us that it would be two weeks (from his surgery date this past Monday) until we are out of the woods with his lip. That being the case, we have to leave the arm restraints on and feed him all his meals. His daycare isn't going to do that, so he will have to stay home unless next Tuesday the doctor gives us other instructions. Also, if he has to keep the gauze in his nose any longer than next week, we would have to keep him home anyway. It hangs out a little and I can see little dirty hands touching his face constantly! Plus, he has a 14 day course of this "super antibiotic" ahead of him, so we want to keep him from getting sick if we can! And with all the sickness Finley is getting, we know Cainan will be getting that too! So intead of starting school on the 3rd, he probably won't start until the 10th. Oh well. He will get there and be there soon enough - what is one more week!
The 10th of October is also my first day of work back from my leave! I can't believe by then I will have been home with Cainan for 6 weeks! It went by so fast, we have been so busy! But I am looking forward to going back and seeing my patients and my co-workers. I am looking forward to getting back to a little "normalcy" whatever that may be!
Thank you to everyone who sent prayers, thoughts, and good wishes. It all worked and we are home tonight as a family once again. We know many of you (especially our new friends from China) have much harder roads ahead of you than we did (weeks of hospital stays instead of days) and know that our prayers and thoughts will be with you. We are so lucky to have wonderful friends and family who look out for us and help us through out tough times. Know all of you mean the world to us!
Tomorrow - pictures will return - I promise!

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Anonymous said...

One year from today you will look back and wonder how in the world you did it. My love and prayers, Nanny