Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Free day Tuesday

Today we didn't have any appointments, so Cainan and I enjoyed a free day! After we dropped the girls off at school, we came home an played for awhile, and then went to visit my co-workers. It was nice to see them, and they enjoyed seeing Cainan. My boss blessed Cainan and prayed for him and his upcoming surgery. It was very sweet. We stayed about 45 minutes and visited with everyone.
Tomorrow we don't have any appointments either, but Finley will be home with us during the day, and Arlington only goes to Pre-K (no after care). So it won't be a quiet day in the least!
Anyway, I wanted to share a little amusing story, non-Cainan related. It is about our little Finley. Arlington was eating her dinner in her playroom (don't ask) at her little kid table. She, of course (for all of you that know her well), got up from her table and started walking out into the family room to talk to us. Finley had been playing in the living room at the time, and all of the sudden, I didn't hear her making any noise any more. I went around the corner, and there she was - in the playroom eating Arlington's dinner! Little piggy. She has just finished eating!!! She was munching on her sandwhich. Nice.
Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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