Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day before surgery in Steeler Country

Well we might not be IN Steeler country, but on Sundays in the fall it is all about Steelers football in our house! We want to start by saying that the Steelers will always be the best football team there is and we are proud of their win today! Whoo hoo!
Tomorrow is Cainan's surgery. We are leaving here at 4:45am to be there by 6am. Fun fun! I am allowed to give Cainan liquids up until 5am, so I am waking the poor boy at 4:30 to give him a cup of juice before we go. His full belly will thank me and forgive me for the ungodly hour to eat.
If you do not hear from us on the blog tomorrow, then know that we had to spend the night and I will report in on Tuesday. But we are hoping we don't have to. I don't think I will know until the surgery is actually over and they see the extent of the damage. Our little active boy bumped his mouth again today while attempting to sit down while he was standing between my knees. So that split his lip even further. Very, very frustrating. It bleed badly again, and he cried pretty hard. this is getting nuts. I am telling you - for the next week, I am going to have to corral that boy so that he can't get hurt! I wish there was a way to protect our active little toddler from bumping his mouth. Just like any child - his actions are unpredictable! Hopefully this will be the one and only fix.
A pretty uneventful day besides that one episode. He has been in good spirits. Walking and walking and walking all over the place. Finley, Arlington and I went to church this morning while Mat stayed home with Cainan. Until his lip is better, Mat and I take turns on Sunday going to church with the girls. Mat got all the stuff he needs to finish Cainan's room - yeah! Once I get some stencil brushes, we will be finishing up the design in his room. I am glad.
Arlington did a lot of art work today. The 21st was her Aunt Tricia's birthday - Aunt Tricia know that pictures are coming your way. I told Arlington that Aunt Tricia could put the pictures in her classroom and school and Arlington asked, "does she live there?" I am sure Aunt Tricia feels like she does!
Here are just a few pictures.


Donna said...

Hi Pletcher Family!

It's 10:44 a.m. your time so you may already be out of surgery. Please know that I am praying for you all this morning, that all goes well with the repair and Cainan doesn't have to go through it again. Also hoping the helmet can go back on soon.

You WILL get through all this and one day look back and laugh.

Best wishes to you all,

Anonymous said...

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have no idea how much I look forward to your news every day, I am praying as hard as I know how for success today for all of you. I am sure as the girls get older they will understand how you have to spend so much time with Cainan, and they will look back and give thanks for all you do. Nanny

Elaine said...

Good luck, thinking of you today in surgery!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of poor Cainan today! All of the stress will be worth it in the end. And, for the record, I basically do live at school, Arlington :-)

Love you all -