Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still in the hospital but coming home soon

Mat is staying the night at the hospital, so I am updating the blog. Cainan is spending what we hope is his last night in the hospital. Here is what is going on:
Tuesday we moved from the ICU to the regular floor. I didn't even have to argue! I didn't want to stay in the ICU if we didn't have to. So we got moved and he just has to monitor his oxygen level and pulse while he is asleep - no biggie. One little monitor, so that is much better. He is in a double room, but all day and night Tuesday we didn't have a roommate, so that was nice. We had the whole room to ourselves. The rooms at Joe Dimaggio are really big and spacious, so there is a good bit of room between each bed in the room. A lot of room to spread out. It is almost like being in a single room. Mat had spent Monday night with Cainan and when I got there after dropping the girls off at school, the doctor had already been in. Dr. Stelnicki was just waiting to hear what the infectious disease team had come up with, but agreed to move Cainan. He figured he would spend probably until Wed. in the hospital, so he should be more comfortable on a regular floor. After Mat left, at lunch time we packed up and moved to our other room. Cainan took a good nap, and during that time the infectious disease doctor came by. He was working on Cainan's sample, and they had put him on even a larger antibiotic to help kill what was going on. The infectious diseases doctor felt he had the right combination of antibiotics through his IV now that would treat the infection. Now the trick was finding one that was oral that we could go home on. He knew so far that Cainan has a strep infection in his nose and one form of E. Coli. But there seemed to be other bugs that he hadn't found an oral antibiotic that would kill yet. So we would be staying until that happened. So we settled in!
Now that we are on the regular floor we could go to the playroom which is HUGE! It is really nice and has many different rooms. There is a room with toys and art. A room to watch movies and relax and read (and the older kids to do homework), a room with a lot of tables and computers, a little kitchen where every day they serve free breakfast and lunch for the families staying on the floor (yummy too!), and then a relaxation room with massage chairs! Very nice. Cainan and I spent time in the playroom and that broke up the boredom for both of us. He was in better spirits since we were able to walk around.
At about 2pm on Tuesday I got a call from the girls daycare. Finley is sick with a fever and needs to be picked up. Wonderful! Of course she does! When it rains, it pours, right? So Mat, being home for maybe an hour, had to go and pick her up. We took her to the doctor and she just has a virus - again. She has laryngitis and a bad cough and runny nose. She doesn't really want to eat because her throat hurts.
This morning: Dr. Stelnicki (our surgeon) greeted us at 8am with the news that they still had not found a drug to stop the growth in Cainan's nose (oral - we were good IV wise). So we would be staying until it was found and then 24 hours after that. So we are definitely in the hospital until Thursday. Dr. Stelnicki removed the packing in Cainan's nose and said it looked really good. Then he gave me more bad news (of sorts) - Cainan had managed to chew out his stitches - again. He must be doing it in his sleep because I never take my eyes off him while he is awake! The doctor felt the site was healed and would probably be fine, but that only time will tell. If in two weeks from now the site is still closed, we are out of the woods. Sigh. What are we going to do with that boy????? Please pray his lip does not get bumped or come undone again. We can't afford more bad news.
Then finally some good news. The infectious disease doctor came by in the late morning with the exciting news that they had found the antibiotic that would kill all 4 bugs that Cainan has in his nose (yes, 4). He has strep, influenza, and two forms of E. Coli. The kicker is the one E. Coli - he brought with him from China. The doctor explained that he probably picked it up in the orphanage, and it is prevalent in China, and the US is just starting to do work on it. He was glad he was able to find a drug resistant to it - pretty proud of himself! We were so glad as well. Unless something else happens - this means we are going home on Thursday. Infectious disease also assured us that once the antibiotics attack this E. Coli it will disappear from his system and be gone for good. More good news! Also, he is convinced that Cainan's rash is contact dermatitis and that with hydrocortisone cream on it for 10 days, it should disappear. This guy is really good and very nice. He even gave us his business card that if we ever needed him in the future to call him. He has been the most excited person about Cainan and us adopting him. Thinks that is just the best thing!
So since we were staying another night, Mat took my place at the hospital so that I could come home to get more clothes. I should have known and packed more, but it is a nice break. Sleeping at the hospital is not that great and I am tired. By us sharing the time there, it doesn't make it so bad.
So that is our sad story! :) Cainan is doing really well. Just slightly grumpy and mostly because he is bored. Mostly he is happy. He is on a full liquid diet now which means pediasure, ice cream and pudding for him! Who wouldn't love that?
Sorry -no pictures. I promise there will be more soon!
Oh, by the way, here are the funny things people have said to me about Cainan while we are in the hospital.
"Is his dad oriental?"
"He got your skin color" (I have olive skin from my Italian background)
"He looks like you"
Most people have picked up that he is adopted and want to hear all about it or share their own story. It is fun.


Crystal said...

Wow, sounds like you have your hands full! It'll get better Soon I'm sure. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, it sounds like you have a great team of medical people working hard!!! Glad they found all the bugs and the oral meds for them. Things should go much smoother.