Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Laid back Tuesday

Not much to report today for a change! Arlington went to pre-K just for the morning and Finley and Cainan and I spent the morning playing at the house. It rained all morning, so we couldn't go anywhere. Not that I usually venture far with two babies, butt a nice walk would have been good. We did get that walk in this evening, and for the first time in a long time it was cool and breezy outside. It was nice to walk and not sweat!
Funny story I forgot to add yesterday. Cainan and I went to the grocery store to get his baby food, and the lady in the check out stand looked at Cainan and his stitches and said, "Aw, poor baby - did he have a nose job?" Yes lady, we got our 15 month old a nose job. People are truly crazy.
Finley was cute today. She put her baby doll on a pillow, put her little blankie on top of her, and patted her to sleep. It was cute! I remember when Arlingon was small and did that with her babies all the time. Finley patted the baby pretty hard - she won't be babysitting any time soon - but it was cute none the less!
Arlington was busy this afternoon making art. She made crowns for everyone in the family and all of her stuffed animals. They aren't quite done she tells me, so I couldn't take any pictures. She also made bows to put around all of her stuff dogs necks. She really loves her art.
Cainan is looking better each day in the swelling department. His left side of his face is still pretty swollen, but I do see the swelling decreasing slowly. For the first time since his surgery, he slept all night without waking. I think cleaning out his nose plugs helped. He head is also looking a little better. The redness on the back of his head is definitely less. I was instructed to remove his helmet every hour and leave it off for ten minutes, let it dry completely and also cool his head down with a cloth. I fashioned a little cloth/hat that wraps around his head to keep the cool on there for a few minutes. He looks hilarious with that on. I should take a picture. But I see it working. I also got advice to strip him down to his diaper and leave him that way until his body adjusts to the helmet. That also helped. I noticed when I removed the helmet he was barely sweaty. Florida weather and a sweaty, helmet wearing kid do not mix. But I see improvement, so that makes me feel better. We have come to the conclusion that it is definitely heat rash, so we are dealing with it as such.
Today was not a good eating day for Cainan. I think he really hates having to eat baby food. He cries every time we feed him, but we trudge through, because he needs to eat! He mostly wants pediasure and yogurt, and we are dealing with that. I just want him to eat, so I make sure he gets at least 3 jars of baby food a day and two cans of pediasure. But he is getting better at opening his mouth and stretching his lip a little. And he even puts his lips together and breathes out of his nose - so nice to see! This is going to be a slow recovery, but once we are on the other end, we will realize how short the "bad times" were in the general scheme of things. For the most part he is a little tropper, and we are seeing more smiles every day.
I am the one who forces him to eat, clean his mouth, fix his nose plugs, wipe his head, put on his arm braces, yet he clings to me and looks for me. We really had a turn in our relationship in our short hospital stay. Before he was happy to see me, and came around to play, but now he cries when I don' pick him up or pass him by with just a little rub on the head. He comes to me before Mat. I call that progress.
Here are a few little pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Finley watched you put Cainan to bed, maybe that's where she got the idea to pat the baby. My kids, Bryan, Sally Jimmy and Cathy are all just getting over the sniffles and coughs like Finley, maybe it's something in the air?????????? Nanny