Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday at the Pletcher house

Today was a fun day. Mat was at work today catching up on some research, so I was alone with the three kids this morning. Finley is getting yet another cold (go daycare) and so she was slightly grouchy this morning. She didn't have a great night - kind of tossed and turned, so I knew we were heading down the "sick" path. I think for the past month she has been well for 3 days. Poor thing. Anyway, once we got to lunch time, a family friend who has a little girl Arlington's age (same family from a previous post that has the twins) came and got Arlington for an afternoon of play at her house. So from 12-6, Arlington was out having a good time with her friend. The babies and I stayed here, and we had lunch and nap and I relaxed! LOL After the babies woke up, we had a nice visit from Finley's nanny who watched her from the time she was 10 weeks old until before she started daycare. We had a nanny take care of Finley her whole first year of life - hence all the colds she is getting now going to daycare! But Finley remembered her and took to her right away. She didn't even want to come to me when it was time for Lucyette to leave! It was nice to see Lucyette again. We haven't seen her in awhile for she has been away for the summer. I took a picture of her with Finley. Lucyette and her husband stayed for a good while and we caught up on everything. It was their first time meeting Cainan as well, so that was nice.
Arlington came home around 6, but around 4:30, I had gotten a call from our friends saying that she had stepped in front of a swing and got hit in the eye. Her eye was swollen and it was hurting, but she didn't want to come home! She is too funny. Our friend was happy to keep her, but wanted to give her motrin for the pain. When she got home, her eye was indeed very swollen - it looks like someone hit her directly in the eye. We have been putting ice on it all evening and I gave her more medicine before she went to bed because it was still hurting a bit. Hopefully tomorrow it will be less swollen, but only time will tell! Poor thing.
Anyway, that was our day. We can never be "uneventful" at our house!

Cainan playing with a matchbox car. He played with it for a long time!
Finley with her nanny, Lucyette

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