Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin patch day!

Well, today we went to the pumpkins patch for Cainan's first Halloween. Just a brief recap of the last couple of days for us. But before that, I want to say happy birthday to my dad (on the 24th), happy birthday to Zac - Mat's brother (on the 25th) and happy anniversary to my brother AJ and my sister-in-law Tricia! (on the 26th)

Wednesday: I didn't have to work this Wed. I got to come home. We didn't need so much staff, so I got the day off. I was glad because I have been feeling under the weather. Arlington has given me her cold, and I am still feeling it. So I was glad for the time off. I came home and tried to relax, but I still felt like I needed to be somewhat productive around the house! I finished painting in Cainan's room. We are really close to having his room completely done - yeah!

Thursday - Cainan had a small check up today. He just went in for shots - didn't see the doctor, just the medical assistant. They gave him 6 shots, poor guy! Mat took him to the appointment since I was working. He also had some blood drawn because when he was there the last time, they did a lead level and it came back slightly elevated. The normal range is between 0-10, and Cainan's was a 7. The doctor wasn't that surprised since he is from China, but wanted to make sure the level was on its way down. The doctor wasn't concerned, since he was still in the normal range, and said the level should come down to 0 on its own over time, but just wanted to keep an eye on it. We do have a good pediatrician! Just one more thing that had me a little worked up! I feel like we can't get out from underneath the stress! Between Cainan and Finley, we are losing a lot of sleep these days.
Cainan went to school after his appointment, but by the end of the day, he had a fever from his shots. (or so we thought at the time!) He was really hot, so when he came home he didn't want to eat much and fell asleep early. We gave him some tylenol and that brought his fever down.
But there is a funny story that went along with the doctor's visit. Mat said he and the medical assistant were talking, and she asked how long we have had Cainan. Mat told her, and with ALL seriousness she responded, "so are you going to keep him?" I guess Cainan is our new puppy.

Friday - Cainan felt cool by this morning so we sent him to school. He did well all day. But when he got home in the evening, he didn't want to eat dinner. He didn't eat ANYTHING. That was a first. He just cried and cried, so we put him to bed. We were supposed to go to a trick or treat thing with some friends this evening, but it got rained out. It was good in a way, because Cainan just clearly didn't feel well.

Saturday - Cainan woke up not feeling that well this morning. And wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch! By the time he did finally eat, it had been over 24 hours since he had any food at all. We were pretty upset. We finally got him to eat some fruit and some pediasure after his VERY short nap today. Oh, and by the way, he woke up at 5am! It has been a long day. He was so overtired, that I knew he would take a short nap, and sure enough - one hour later, he was up. He was miserable the entire day. He cried basically non-stop all morning, and all afternoon. Finally after some food he looked a little better, but still not himself. He basically just sat around all evening after we came back from the pumpkin patch, and then we put him to bed after some dinner. His fever is back - not really high, but he is warm. So no helmet for him until it goes down (helmet rules). I gave him some medication before bed, but let's hope he sleeps okay and feels better by tomorrow. I am not sure if he is still feeling the effects of the shots or he is now coming down with something. I wouldn't be surprised with us being sick and he just starting daycare. But his timing is a little bad. With a major surgery in two weeks, we are desparately trying to keep him well. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Anyway - back to the pumpkin patch! One of my favorite trips of the year. We are not big Halloween people, but we love the fall. We have lived in warm weather for 6 years, and this is the time of year I REALLY miss the cool weather of the fall. We went to the pumpkin patch and it was 80 degrees, but we still had a lot of fun. Finley was a riot - she loves every pumpkin and went around trying to pick them all up! She was really into it. Arlington couldn't decide on just one. She wanted to biggest pumpkin they had, of course, but in the end we talked her into a manageable sized one. Cainan wasn't sure what to make of the whole experience. I think he was feeling sick, so he wasn't really into it. But I am sure it looked a little scary to him. All of these big orange things that mommy and daddy want him to pose on. But he was a trooper and we got a few good pictures.
The carving at home was fun as well. Arlington doesn't really like to scoop out the pumpkin with her hands, but we finally got her to touch it this year. She used a spoon for awhile, and then stuck her hands right in. Finley just wanted to eat it all. She kept trying to put it in her mouth. But she got the idea and helped us pick the seeds out after awhile and put them in a bowl. We roasted the seeds in the oven and ate some this evening - yum!! Another one of our favorites!

Finley also has a few new words. She is getting really good at repeating what we say now, so her words are coming faster these days. But she has learned to say "yes" and "nice". She pats Cainan all the time and says "nice". She is getting better with touching him nicely. He still winces a little when he sees her coming!
Arlington is slowly learning to read. Now that she is getting the sounds of the letters down, she can sound out the words a little easier. We have taught her to spell, write and recognize (newest words) baby, yes, no, cat, dog just today! Our Arlington is a fast learner. Add that to the 10 or so words she can already write and spell, and I think she is getting the idea. We will have her reading in now time. Hard to believe it! I can still picture her at Finley's age.

Here are some pictures from today. I didn't take any before today because we have been busy, but there are a lot, I apologize! I hope you enjoy!


Elaine said...

Cute pics! It is so strange to see pumpkins and palm trees!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Jen, especially with the seeds pasted on their heads. Jimmy and Cindy had pictures of their grandchildren with their pumpkins, I hope Crystal sent you some. Nanny