Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer day

Today we didn't go anywhere.

This was not our original plan.  I planned on going in to work for a few hours to help out, and possibly take the kids swimming.

But due to some mishaps with our closing that is happening tomorrow on our new house, I had to stay home to field phone calls and emails to make sure everything is put in place.

So instead, the kids and I had a calm morning and then went outside to play for a few hours.  It is a nice day - not too hot.
They started their outside time on the back porch swing with fruitcicles.  Always a good way to start off.
Cainan can't do much yet but he did enjoy this bit of outside time.
Tomorrow we close on our house in Massachusetts.  I will save you the painful details of our bank who tried to give me a coronary yesterday with their antics.

But - since they have never met me - they didn't know that I wasn't going to leave them alone until I got my way.

Which I did.
Tomorrow afternoon the littles will get to see the house for the first time.  And then we will sign away all of our money on our house.  And then we are really on the major countdown to our last days in Connecticut.  The rest of this week will be decided what will/will not go on the moving truck, and making sure we are ready to go.

I am just grateful that the moving company will pack everything and that we just get to sit back and relax where that is concerned.
Tomorrow we can breathe a little easier once this closing is behind us.  It has been a crazy ride with some crazy sellers, and we are glad to be at the end.

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