Saturday, March 17, 2012

100 years of Girl Scouts

This year, Girl Scouts turns 100.

Did you know that?  Kind of amazing.

Our small town had a great celebration today, run by my friend Maria Davis.  She did an amazing job.  All the girls had a great time.  We have a lot of girl scouts in our small town.  I was the nurse for the day, and my two girls had so much fun with the other girls.  All the troops were there, and they had all kinds of fun things planned for the girls.  They were sad when it ended.

I took a picture of my very eclectic Arlington.  I let her dress herself for the celebration.  They had to wear the white t-shirts and the vest, but the rest is her.
Scooby photobombed us at one point while I was taking her picture.
He wanted us to pay attention to him too.

Finley had already stipped her vest and was eating dinner, so when I took her picture, this is what I got:
Then she went back to sit down and Scooby was hoping she would share.
Mat and Cainan and Scooby hung out this afternoon while we were gone.  They enjoyed some male bonding.
I took a picture of Cainan the other day when he came out of the playroom in full costume.  He doesn't dress up often, but he was looking especially cute as a pirate:
So cute.

Friday Finley and Cainan were sitting at the kitchen island having a snack.  They were up there a long time just chatting and chatting. 
 These two really love each other.  They play so well together 95% of the time.
I have no idea what they were talking about, but it was cute to watch them have a little 5 year old "back and forth" for about 20 minutes.

Tonight Mat and I are watching "Horrible Bosses" and relaxing.  Tomorrow Finley has a playdate and Mat is taking Arlington and Cainan bowling.  It has been a fun weekend so far.

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